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The New Blog!!! Leave your comment and enter to win!



After three years of wanting a pretty new blog, it’s finally here!  It was  number three on my list of goals for 2011.   It was also part of my re-branding including a new logo and website!  I am happy to say I got much accomplished this past year towards my goals.  I really believe writing down goals and and also posting them for the world to see really helps keep you motivated and accountable.

I personally designed the blog using Photoshop and submitted the files to a programmer to do all the coding.  Although the original plan was to have “them” design the blog, I discovered that I was the only one who really knew what “I” wanted and sometimes that is hard to articulate, or for the designers to envision.  The result is a blog that is “ME”.   (more…)

Our Foo-Foo Field Trip

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It was my last day with Debrah and, I have to admit, even though I knew I’d see her again soon I was a bit grim. But while I was grim, I was also completely ecstatic thinking about our photo field trip that we had planned so I could put my freshly learned camera skills to the test. When I first came in to the office Debrah was still working out some kinks with the blog people. After much frustration with those issues Debrah confessed how happy she was that we were taking our field trip because her blood was boiling and she needed a creative outlet. A creative outlet is the best medicine for Debrah, except for shoe shopping of course.  😉


We had lunch together and laughed like always. It was a beautiful day. We left on our adventure headed for Black Dog Salvage, an antique store in Roanoke. We were like two kids in a candy shop when we reached our destination. Of course we found ourselves gravitating to everything fu fu and pastel. Girls will be girls!

Bridal Tips 101: Hair & Smile by guest Blogger: Emily Plecker

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Out of the many important things on the big day, good hair and a beautiful smile are definitely a priority. Hello, the most important thing of all is a beautiful bride!;) No, really the most important thing is that the bride feels beautiful, and come on ladies we all have our insecurities. Maybe she feels like her hair is thin and unmanageable or that her teeth are dinghy and she cant afford to have them whitened. Breathe! There are solutions!

It’s never a fun day when you realize that your hair isn’t capable of anything. Maybe it’s too thin or flat? A good way to fix this solution is to add an accessory. Hair flowers, bows, and even feathers are HUGE in fashion right now. It’s a perfect extra something to create an allusion of volume! Remember that simple is beautiful, even if you do something as easy as a low bun and add a white flower or bow, it will look elegant and chic. A lot of brides prefer to go with a fresh flower, this is a nice option as well. It may be a clever way to accent her bouquet.


As far as hair goes the simple is beautiful rule still applies. Classic buns and chignons give a great modern and sophisticated look. Details are the eye catchers with these styles. Using hair pins with rhinestones or ceramic designs are a great touch. Lose updos are really in! Lofty twists and soft curls present a romantic and sexy look you may be looking for.


Disposable lights and Mr. Scroogy-ness



I didn’t see the word disposable on the box??? However, it seems Christmas lights are indeed DISPOSABLE! Yup, you get one year and then those tangledmesses of deadness march their way right off to the land fills! Well maybe with a little help, after all, they are dead. What’s up with that?!?!? Seriously, when I was growing up we used the same strands every year, all we had to replace was the light bulbs. Those were the days, the good old days of “un-cheapness”, where a toaster would last a life time, cars had real bumpers…like made from metal and chrome and actually protected you in an accident!

This year I pulled out all the icicle lights that were carefully packed in plastic bins and only used once. NONE of them worked (yes, I tried several electrical outlets and even changed the fuse)! I decided it was not a good investment to spend over a $100 for several more boxes. So take that ole maker of junky light strands. The neighbors and delivery men will just have to assume that I am related to Mr. Scrooge…before his conversion, all because you make lights that hibernate in the off season and never wakey-wakey, when it’s TIME to wakey-wakey! (more…)