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Mary & Matt’s Engagement

Mary and Matt met in the police force, they are both officers.  She’s the beautiful Charlie’s angel type (although she doesn’t see herself that way) and Matt is the strong silent type.  I instantly felt a connection with the two of them and a closeness with Mary like we’d been friends for years.  Her smile, easy laugh and comfort in her own skin makes her fun to be around.  I don’t know why, but when I’m with these two I laugh more.

I loved watching the way Matt adoringly looked into Mary’s eyes with his coy smile.  It was easy to see the way they fit together like a gun in a holster (I know, corny right?).   They are just great down to earth people who love the outdoors, each other and their three furry friends.  In fact, the littlest of the three will be included in the wedding.




When Emily came to work the other day she looked so adorable!  It was a beautiful sunny, breezy day and her cute white dress and hair flower were in major need of some camera time.   As I have gotten to know Emily a little better, I see the photographic style she is drawn to.  I would call it hippy, vintage, chic…I guess.  I wanted the images I took of her to reflect the style she likes and surprise her.   So Emily here’s to you.


Introducing Emily Plecker – (re-posted from January 2012)


Hello All! My name is Emily Plecker, Debrah’s new sidekick for the month of January! I come from the down home backwoods of Bath County, Virginia, home of the critically acclaimed Homestead Resort. You may be familiar with it! I currently reside in Roanoke, Virginia while I continue my third year at Hollins University. My passion lies within the subjects of Creative Writing and Photography. I have been writing expressively since I was a young girl, whether it be through poetry, short stories, or just simply journaling. I am a firm believer that self expression is essential in surviving this crazy life. Not to mention it allows you to discover yourself as a person. After all, who can you be if you cannot first be yourself?!

Anyway, now my journey has brought me to you and hopefully this month I can shed some light on the world for you through my eyes! How did I find myself familiar with Inspiration and Design you might ask? Debrah and I met last January when I interviewed her for the wedding issue of Bella Magazine. Needless to say we had an immediate connection and gabbed away for hours longer than either of us intended! Now, a year later, I have the privilege of working with her on fun and exciting new projects for 2012! As a young creative mind I am excited to work and write more freely during my time with Debrah. One of those creative things is writing as a guest on


Debrah’s blog. I am also confident I have much to learn from Debrah being the successful lady that she is! Hopefully she can show me the ropes on this big fancy camera with endless capabilities that I have yet to figure out!


Need a GREAT Logo? Here’s what I learned.

Over the years I have paid several different entities to design a logo for my business.  Now maybe I just had bad “logo luck”;  like my instincts at picking a proper designer for me was about as good as my ability to pick the right man for me (now that’s a whole other topic!).  Each time I invested my hard earned money, I always hoped for the best…BUT… got boring,  plain logos that did not reflect the style I had asked for.  I felt that the so-called “designers” really didn’t care enough about my project to create something worthy of the money I had invested.  I was always disappointed and would resort to designing my own logo.  Not that my design skills were stellar or anything, but I always created something I liked better than what I had paid for.

In January of 2011, I was at the imaging USA in San Antonio and was talking to some girls at lunch.  As we passed our business cards around, the topic of  logos came up.  One of the girls mentioned that there are on-line designers who will bid on your project and you can post the amount you are willing to spend, then several designers will create something for you and you pick your favorite. Where have I been?? I had never heard of this.  Was this the answer I had been looking for?  I did some on-line research and decided to call

Logo Design Guru and you can imagine with my past experiences,  I was as skittish as a cat getting a bath!!


It’s What You Leave Behind when you Go by guest blogger Emily Plecker

Growing up, my neighbor Jenny, lived on the hill right next to my driveway.  She was an old woman who wore long dresses and wide brimmed hats and it really just depended on the day whether she was nice or not. Mom always said it was just her old age.  Needless to say my brother and I frequently found out what kind of mood she was in because we would have to make a visit everyday when we walked home from school. I remember walking into her house and feeling like I was in a time warp. Everything was straight from the 50’s and as a 90’s child I found it all so nostalgic. I specifically remember the long hallway that led from the living room back to her bedroom. If the door happened to be open I had a clear view of an old brown and golden wardrobe. When I asked mom about it she informed me that it held all of her clothes. Since my grandmother was a model I had always been slightly fascinated with fashion and I wanted to know what was behind the doors of that old wardrobe.