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Katie & Eric’s Wedding

It was a gorgeous steamy summer day, and by steamy I mean HOT! But any amount of heat would have been bearable to watch these two sweethearts on their wedding day! Katie was so calm and relaxed in her adorable robe waiting for her pretty curls to be pinned back.  Her comfort increased when her cute bridesmaids in their hot pink robes and matching glittery slippers joined her in laughter. The first thing Katie did was point Debrah and I in the direction of  her shoes. By shoes I mean ONLY the most beautiful creation in the shoe fashion industry! They were Tiffany blue heels with detailed toe bling!

After Debrah saw them she warned Katie that if they were missing by the end of the night Katie would know where to find them (wink, wink)! We know how Debrah is about shoes! 🙂 But I can assure you that the beauty of the shoes was no comparison to Katie’s beauty on her wedding day. She even mentioned  “Everyone says that I’m glowing today, and I never ‘glow’!” Katie has such an elegant beauty and it really came out while we were taking her bridal portraits among the lushness of the Nesselrod on the New in Radford, Virginia.  Debrah kept oooooh-ing and aaaaah-ing after every shot! (more…)