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The Winding Path That Led Me Home

I saw an amazing move of God as I prayed for my last home and saw him answer beyond my greatest expectations.  When I posted that story almost 5  years ago, I got comments from readers who were touched in a positive way and one woman said that reading my story would even change the way she prayed.  So I thought I would share the interesting events that unfolded on my latest home hunting journey.

This is what the house looked like the day I went to view it.


The move from Virginia to North Carolina was a long process that began about a year in advance.  We did a lot of research, prepared our house for sale and were blessed to receive an offer with a 6 month wait until closing – PERFECT! Plenty of time to look for a house in Charlotte, plan for the move and allow my son to finish out the school year.  Luke and I spent hours daily on line searching and putting the contenders into a favorites folder for our agent to preview for us. As the months passed we made many trips to Charlotte searching for a house that was the right blend of wants, needs and price.  My agent had her work cut out for her, I’m a tough customer when it comes to a home.  She knew that I wanted to maintain many of the wonderful attributes of my home in Virginia. One of which was the privacy with four acres of mountain views, a pool and pond – A pretty tall order to fill.


Branding My Business


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted my 11 goals for 2011.  It’s time to check in and see how I did. The first one on the list was:

1. Branding my business  –  This process is multi-faceted for sure, but I have come so far with the “look” of my branding design, which is a huge part. I chose my business colors, had my new logo designed, and made sure my new look was cohesive from facebook, to the website, to the blog.  I feel my logo,  colors and blog design reflect that romantic vintage style that is at the heart of who I am.  I also decided to take it a step further and give both my office and client meeting gallery the same branded “feel”. I LOVE it! I feel more inspired & creative in my new work space. Both rooms are still in progress but I’m happy with the direction they are going.

The area of branding which is still evolving is my style.  As an artist I feel I am always growing, changing, finding/reinventing myself.  Moving to Charlotte this summer has been really good for me.  I have been exploring my photographic desires letting my heart lead and I have discovered that I am more happy and I like my images so much better now that I’ve stepped out the box I had somehow gotten into.  I realized that in addition to weddings, I must find time for my other passion. Shooting women.  I see beautiful, magical, images in my head, so I am going to take the hand of that photographic dreamer with-in and see where she takes me.


A Poem by God

I had known Frances for many years, she was the mother of my close friends.  As the years passed I felt connected to the entire family as if they were my own. Although I moved from the West coast to the East coast in 2004, I was kept updated on important events with the rapidly growing  family.  Unfortunately, one of those updates informed me that  Frances was ill.  The many years of smoking had taken it’s toll on her lungs and there was nothing that could be done (note to smokers, you might want to quit BEFORE you get this kind of news).

As time went on and her illness progressed,  she was never bitter about it or focused on herself. She continued to be the kind, witty,  smiling woman that was always so full of love for everyone around her.  The LOVE that she shared gave her strength to see many more days.  I had prayed for her many times during her illness, but this particular day, Friday, March 4th, 2011, I felt a sense of urgency as I prayed.  I heard God begin to speak to my heart while I was in the shower and realized he was giving me the words to a poem. As he recited each stanza, I knew who the poem was for.  I quickly got out of the shower trying to remember all that he had said.  I grabbed a towel and while dripping across the floor rushed to find pen and paper,  at which time I began to frantically write!


Oh my daughter, how I have LOVED you so,

Hoping by my sacrifice, you would truly know,


Review of my new Sunpak 30 Video Lights


I’m not sure how many of you are using video lights, but I just recently purchased two SUNPAK 30 video lights and I LOVE them!! They are so versatile  and very controllable, which I find flash always isn’t, unless you are a flash guru extraordinaire.  Frankly I get frustrated with flash so I usually try something slightly different  at almost every wedding, looking for the “perfect” light set up for receptions.   If you view the wedding just below this post entitled – Kathryn & Aaron the Ten Year Love Story; I used these two video lights exclusively throughout the entire event in many different situations. I wanted to see what they could do.


  • On-Camera Light for Camcorder or DSLR
  • 30 High-Powered LEDs
  • Dimmer Control Knob
  • 6500K Daylight
  • Soft Diffuser Reduces Glare
  • 4300K Filter for Natural Skin Tones
  • Weighs Just 6 oz

This is what I thought.


Kathryn & Aaron -The Ten Year Love Story


I feel blessed that God saw fit to send Kathryn and Aaron into my life.  Each contact grew us closer and closer together as we shared the changes and challenges in our lives. We prayed for each other and encouraged each other.  I waited to read their love story, because I wanted it to be fresh in my mind as I photographed their wedding. After reading their story, I felt even closer to them and got to know the awesome character of Aaron. As I read their story my heart was deeply touched. I laughed and I cried. For my readers who do not know this awesome couple, I felt you would greatly enjoy reading their love story.

Their wedding was all that you could  imagine. It was BEAUTIFUL, an atmosphere full of love,  smiles & romance. Their reception fun level was off the charts! I think they broke the Richter scale of fun that night!

Kathryn and Aaron, you are both such beautiful people inside and out.  I am greatly blessed that you shared your life, your love, your wedding and your hearts with me.

I love you and wish you a lifetime of love and blessings as you continue to follow the beautiful path God has planned for you

2001: Love at First Sight

We met in 2001 at camp Living Waters in Balsam Grove, North Carolina. It was Aaron’s first year as a camp counselor and my (Kate) last year as a camper. When Aaron stood up to introduce himself the first day of camp, I actually turned to my friend beside me and said “I want to marry somebody like that one day.” (Crazy, right?) It wasn’t until the end of camp that we struck up a conversation over Aaron teaching me how to throw a football. And then, it was official… I had a crush.
The last day of camp my mom ran into Aaron in the cafeteria. Unaware of my crush, she took an immediate liking to him. When she heard that he drove a stick shift, she invited him to our house in South Carolina for the weekend in hopes that he would teach me how to drive the Toyota Corolla I was terrified to touch. Aaron accepted the invitation and we had an incredible weekend building a friendship that would last a lifetime. We said our goodbyes and hoped to see each other the next summer.


Charlotte Photographer | Kathryn’s Bridal Session

Debrah wanted to find the perfect place to do Kathryn’s high fashion bridal shoot, so we went on a “man-hunt” looking for the right venue. As soon as we found the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s we agreed that it couldn’t be a better spot. There were so many pathways of color and exciting little vignettes hidden in every corner. We kept finding ourselves saying “Oh wow!” We knew Kathryn would love it and sure enough she did! She arrived with her smile, her glowing personality, her cute Pomeranian Farrah, and her Prince Charming as chauffeur! Kathryn hadn’t been feeling well a few days prior and had gotten up that morning, had her hair and make-up done, drove all the way down from Virginia to Charlotte, and still looked absolutely gorgeous!  We had fun girl time helping her get ready and picking which jewelry she should wear for her session. Her dress was beyond stunning with intricate beading and vintage style.