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Meagan & Mark’s Wedding – Bath County Virginia

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing about a love story and how it all began.  And it’s always better when you here from the source. SO here is the cute and charming “Love Story” of Meagan & Mark.  ENJOY!

 In their own words…

I first met Meagan at a “Rock Band” karaoke party at the end of my first year in the MBA program at the College of William and Mary.  My roommate Robbie and I had invited some of our classmates over including one of Meagan’s closest friends, Jennifer Roberts.  The first time that I saw Meagan Plecker, she was sharing a bag of Martin’s BBQ potato chips with Jennifer Roberts in a car parked just outside of my apartment.

I first met Mark while trying to wipe the Martin’s BBQ chips off my face to shake his hand. We became fast friends because of his mad karaoke skills and my awesome drumming capabilities. It was as if we were the “Rock Band Dream Team”. Then, Mark decided to ride a bike across the country. I had to wait on him to return home. It was only a matter of time before he won my heart by agreeing to play Mario Kart with me.

The first night we hung out we opened a fortune cookie that said, “A romantic encounter is in your future”.  After they decided to make our  relationship official, we opened a cookie that said “love”.