Monthly Archives: March 2013

Some Shoe Love

For those of you who have been following me for any length of time, you know I have a love affair with shoes. But really, what woman doesn’t?? I keep my minor shoe addiction in check, but do love to add to my collection if I see a pair that make me squeal (quietly to myself of course). Well that’s what happened when I saw these Jessica Simpson shoes!!! They are uber spring, all blossomy and totally fun!!


Oh Where, oh Where, Have I Been??

Well…to be honest this has been a winter for illness and injury, which has stolen productive time away from the office. Therefore, I had to focus on the most important business requirements with the time I had left. Also being in a new market area, it is taking time to build my clientele, so not much to show, YET! ¬†Additionally being the creative soul that I am, I take breaks occasionally from the inventive side of business to re-focus, re-think, and re-charge my creative battery. Winter is a good time to do that; like a bear semi-hibernating. Then when springs comes I’m refreshed and renewed for the ¬†photographic season ahead.

I’m so excited about now being in the Charlotte area and I am looking forward to all the wonderful clients, exciting venues and loving wedding memories to be captured!! My posts may be sporadic for a couple months, so check back occasionally until things get busy again.

Thank you and happy almost spring!!!