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Wedding Wire Networking Event

Wedding Wire  hosted a wonderful networking event last night at the Levine Museum of the New South. I attended the event with my current protege and future bride Becca who is getting married in October.  We met when she hired me for her wedding and we are becoming fast friends.  We thoroughly enjoyed  meeting other wedding professionals as we shared wine and fare.  We only wish we could have met everyone there. But we did enjoy much laughter with many, as we exchanged cards and conversation.

Queen City Catering provided the delicious food for the event and Pink Petunia Designs provided the beautiful flowers. They kindly handed me a sampling of their flowers as I left. I was thrilled, especially since yellow is my happy color!! And I adore ROSES! Double happiness!!! Thank you to Tapsnap for the fun photo memory at your digital photo booth. Super cool!!

For any of you wedding vendors looking for a great way to advertise your business, I can personally recommend Wedding Wire. My stats continue to show high traffic from this form of advertising and brides love the ease of using their site. They have been fantastic to work with and always have friendly customer service, as well as, tons of great features for your storefront.  WeddingWire has partnered with popular wedding sites allowing you to reach over 20 million visitors each month, that’s amazing!






Don’t Live with Regrets, Invest in your Memories


Weddings can be very expensive and in this tough economy you probably want to cut back wherever you can. So if a well meaning friend, relative or inexperienced photographer offers to take your wedding pictures with their “nice camera” for a low fee or even for free, you may be tempted to take them up on their offer. But just remember there are no “do-overs” for wedding day memories. And nice cameras do not always equal nice pictures. All you have to do is search “bad wedding photos” on the Internet to read the many unfortunate stories from brides and grooms.

As digital cameras become more and more sophisticated and less expensive, nowadays EVERYONE is a photographer. Or are they?  Do they understand proper composition? Posing & coaching their subjects? How to get a good exposure? How to keep from getting blurry images? The proper use of ambient light & flash? What depth of field they need? How to achieve proper white balance?  Which lens to use if they have more than one? How to get good images in dark reception venues? What images to take and when? Do they have back-up equipment? Do they understand wedding etiquette? How to dress appropriately for a wedding? You think the last one would be a no brain-er, but unfortunately it’s not. I could go on & on, but I think you get the idea.


This information is not meant to demean inexperienced photographers; we were all beginners at some point. My hope is to educate you before you make a decision that you may regret. It takes quite a bit of experience to become really good at photographing weddings. They are very fast paced and require a high level of skill in many areas. Most professional photographers have spent years being educated, buying expensive professional level gear that includes multiple cameras, lenses, lighting and back up equipment. We have kept up on the latest style trends and editing techniques. We have invested in the proper software and hardware to process and back up your images. We work only with professional vendors so that you get the highest quality of products. We have greatly invested in our skill and our businesses, so that we can provide you with hundreds of beautiful wedding images that will bring you great joy and that you will be proud to show your family, friends and future children and grandchildren someday.



Florabella -Vintage Actions

Vintage has become all the rage and seems to be only gaining in popularity! I continue to see more and more wedding images with that faded vintage style. I also see vintage having an impact on wedding clothing, accessories and decor.  It’s also making an appearance with vintage themed engagement photos as well. Being the huge vintage lover that I am, I personally love the look. However, I still fear that with wedding photography in particular this style will eventually  look dated,  just like many other fads/styles that have come and gone over the years. This makes me reluctant to jump with both feet onto the vintage train that is currently traveling at great speeds into every city.  I think for now and for most weddings, having a classic style will stand the test of time. Maybe the compromise is processing some images in a vintage style or reserve the full vintage style for a wedding that is full on vintage with it’s style, clothing and theme.

For those of you who have not heard of Florabella they have the best vintage Photoshop actions I have seen.  As you will see on their Facebook page, children, women and flowers are all great subjects for these actions and pink also seems to render the best look in my opinion. I haven’t purchased all the sets or had the opportunity to work with the actions a lot, but I quickly grabbed a few photographs with different subjects to show you what can be done. Not all of these images are the best samples to start with, but will still give you an idea of what can be done.

I think before and afters are the best so here they are.


 I loved the way the air inside the bottle of perfume split into two hearts, when I laid it down. Since this image was already soft the effect is not as dramatic.

With this example I used

Buttercream at 100%

Hazy Haze at 25%

Pink Honey at 45%

Alabaster at 14%


Some Things Never Change




Looking back on these photos of me, it’s clear that I was always a fashionista. OMG look at that ensemble! I love the ruffled socks with the shoes; that actually came back in style during the 80’s, but worn with pumps instead!  I guess I had to be foo-fooed to the hilt, since in the other picture I clearly look like a little boy and I’m playing with a car (is that a T-bird?)! That is too funny, because to this day I am a total car enthusiast/fanatic. When I was a little girl I’d rather  hang out in the garage with my uncles and ask a million questions while they worked on their hot rods, then be inside doing girly things. I eventually bought my own muscle car, a 1973 Dodge Challenger, which I loved and spent every penny I earned making it totally cool. But at 8 miles to the gallon it eventually had to go.  I always loved the body style and it was thrilling to see new ones on the road with the classic beautiful body style. Some things are just too good to change. (more…)

Dear Grandma


I remember when I was a young teen and my mom would give me the arduous task of writing my great grandmother a letter. I didn’t see her much, she was quite old by then and truly I had no clue what to write. It would take me forever to write just a few sentences. “Dear Grandma, the weather has been warm lately and school is going well”…every letter must have read like a carbon copy of the one before. Although I can “talk” to  ANYONE, ANYWHERE about ANYTHING when I am face to face, somehow when I try to write/type my thoughts, I’m 14 again and trying to eek out that grandma letter. I admire and appreciate those fellow bloggers who seem to effortlessly & boldly share their lives in paragraphs of poetry. I’ve never considered myself a writer, but having a blog has forced me to type thoughts and stories to the best of my ability. Sometimes the words will come fast and furious while I enjoy the process. Other times it takes me 4 hours to write 3 paragraphs! “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” This post for instance, has been one of those that has been sliced and diced more than a chef salad. And eaten up an hour or two, I’ve lost track. Yes, can you believe it??? For a few measly paragraphs?