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Charlotte, NC Wedding |Deirdre & Ronnie June 22nd 2013


2013-06-25_075It’s hard enough just to plan a wedding, but to plan a wedding in just a few shorts months, while also moving from another state and unpacking the same week as your wedding, that’s crazy busy!!

Unfortunately, poor Deirdre got sick in the process and barely had a voice on the wedding day, however she didn’t let that stop her from looking beautiful and enjoying her wedding day. Somehow in spite of  everything, this beautiful couple pulled off an elegant, classy, and super fun wedding!  Family and friends flew in from places like Australia, South America and I think Germany too!

They wrote their own wedding vows, which were amazing! Ronnie’s Brother performed the ceremony.  The bride & groom included a “jumping the broom” at the end of the ceremony, which is an ancient custom in which the bride and groom signify their entrance into a new life by jumping over a festively decorated broom made with real straw and tied with a ribbon.

The reception was very lively! Ronnie has some dancers in the family for sure. Everyone gathered around in a circle and tossed roses at the bridal couple while on the dance floor, which were getting entangled in Deirdre’s long hair. Being the protector extraordinaire that he is, Ronnie shielded her from the attack of the roses!

Ronnie & Deirdre, I wish you many, many, years of married bliss. May you always hold each other as tight and gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, the same way you did on your wedding day! (more…)

Lillington, NC Wedding|Caitlin & Matthew 6-8-13

2013-06-14_072With tropical storm Andrea making her presence well known all along the eastern states, everyone was praying for nice weather for the wedding.  God heard our prayers and opened up the beautiful sky, but with all the previous rain the humidity was off the charts! Whew was it hot! But the heat was welcome over rain!

There was hurried excitement  and a flurry of activity, as the girls began to get ready. Caitlin was calm and beaming with joy as her sister and mom helped her get dressed. She had kept the wedding dress a secret from her bridesmaids, so they were banned to the bathrooms to dress. However,  it was worth it when they entered the room eyes covered, backs turned away…then all turned around at once to see Caitlin in her dress for the first time.  I think I heard squeals! Then hugs and tears followed.

The ceremony was beautiful, complete with communion and loved ones circled around the wedding couple for prayer.  Organ Music and a choir completed the ambiance.

Matthew and Caitlin are huge fans of ICE CREAM and it just so happens that the ice cream room was the favorite hang out spot for guests. I guess coffee and a sugar high are the perfect combination for silly photos at the photo booth!

Matthew and Caitlin you are like Neapolitan ice cream, one is strawberry and the other is chocolate with GOD at the center in pure white (or vanilla) all joined together.  That’s either cheesy or a really cool analogy. I let you decide (smile).

Thank you for allowing me, Brittany and Luke to capture your amazing day!!

May God bless your life and marriage, and carefully guide your steps as you serve him.



Providence Country Club|Caitlin’s Bridal Portraits

2013-06-10_015The first time we spoke on the phone, I instantly felt a connection with Caitlin. She was so fun, talkative and bubbly! My kind of girl! Since she was from Morrisville, NC, we didn’t get to meet until the Bridal portrait session. Unfortunately it was a rainy, gloomy day in Charlotte, when we met at the Providence Country Club . This was so disappointing for me, because I had already viewed the location and picked out all my favorites spots among the beautiful outside locations, including wonderful patios & staircases. But what can you do, when it rains on your pre-plans? Go to plan B… inside photos.

I LOVE bridal sessions and Caitlin looked beautiful! Her gorgeous blue eyes, adorable dimples and sweet personality made her a joy to work with! Here are a few photos from the session.

I added a few vintage edits… love VINTAGE!! (more…)

Waxhaw Engagement Session| Deirdre + Ronnie

2013-06-04_053From the moment I met Deirdre & Ronnie, it was clear they were absolutely head- over- heels  in love with each other. In fact, they BOTH knew on the first date that they had met the person they were going to marry.  Deirdre is beautiful, refined & fashionable.  Ronnie has a great smile is classy and very personable.  Together they make a fantastic couple!

Before the session, I directed them both to my pinterest account.  By looking at my many boards and choosing their favorites, I had a very good feel for the style of engagement session they wanted. This was also helpful in getting ideas for coordinating clothing, which I have to say they did an amazing job!  Deirdre was busy working in Chicago and flew in for the week-end, so Ronnie for picked out and purchased the beautiful fashions Deirdre wore for the session. That’s a keeper in my book and she looked fantastic in everything! They knew they wanted to be photographed at their recently purchased home, as well as  Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw, where they shared their first picnic and have since spent many special times together.