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Washington D.C. Wedding|Morgan & Nate 6-28-13



I have known Morgan for several years. She used to be my wedding assistant when we both lived in Roanoke, VA. She was awesome! Very hardworking and detailed oriented.  I was sad to lose her when she moved back to Washington, D.C., but  we kept in touch and I was overjoyed when I heard about Nate and got to see face book updates of their smiling faces and wonderful times together.  I was so excited when Morgan asked me to photograph their upcoming wedding.  Which was not easy to plan, since Nate could be sent on a mission at a moments notice.  However,  she continued to plan her small intimate wedding until we finally had a date!

I was thrilled when I met Nate. I could see why Morgan fell for him and why they were both so happy together.  It seemed like they were custom tailored for each other. There is something so amazing about how life’s winding path leads you to your soul mate.   Each story different, yet touching the heart deeply every time. What touches my heart even more, is seeing that love expressed through each glance, each kiss,  and each touch. It unfolds organically like a delicate flower on  display, to be experienced and captured in the fullness of  it’s beauty.

In Morgan’s own words…

“It was the first day of class back in 2006. I was there early waiting for it to start when a blue-eyed, southern gentleman wandered down the hall.  He asked if the class I was waiting for was the same as his and he eagerly put out his hand and introduced himself.  I was smitten from that very moment.  His polite, kind, and sweet demeanor made me fall for him instantly.  We both felt the chemistry between us as we worked together in labs during biology class and had many lunch dates.  That first day after we met, I drove the wrong way down 495, as I gushed to my brother about the most amazing man I had ever met.