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Creating the best wedding day photo experience – Planning

Over the many years of shooting weddings, I’ve seen my share of wedding day blips, delays and down right disasters.  Everything from a groom with no pants, to a wild animal eating half of the wedding cake.  Oh the memories and stories I could share! Although stressful and crazy at the time, looking back on them, some were a little comical. No matter how well you plan, some things are just out of your control. But some aren’t and that’s what I want to talk about today.

I know as a wedding photographer, I have a big job ahead of me at every wedding, which is very important to me.  I want each couple to get the most out of their photographic investment.  That’s why I take a hands on approach to their wedding day timeline.  I send a questionnaire that helps me to gather all the information I need to compile a seamless flow for the day, based on each individual wedding and the amount of hours purchased (see a sample at the end this post). The questions posed give you time to think things through in advance and plan accordingly. The final result is peace of mind knowing that there is a plan and that we will do our part to keep everything flowing smoothly.With so much on your plate, this service can be a real blessing.  Good planning usually yields good results.  Having a plan will also help you to relax and enjoy your day. We got this!

Okay, so we’ve invested thought and time in creating a fabulous wedding day schedule. You’ve shared that schedule with the key wedding day players.  But, now it’s the wedding day and everyone’s late! What?!? Yup, I see this more than any other issue. And if you have contracted me for 8 hours, but show up an hour late, this alters the ENTIRE wedding day schedule. We have to rush trying to catch up, which may limit the time we have to be creative or lessen the amount of photos we have time to take. Lateness causes stress and you don’t need any extra wedding day stress!  Although not every hiccup can be anticipated or avoided, there is much you can do to aid in getting your wedding day off to a good start.


Becca & Jason’s Engagement Session

Sometimes you realize that your best friend is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. After years as just friends…love blossomed. Although Jason always liked Becca, the timing wasn’t right, until one day it was.  Jason’s quiet, caring nature coupled with Becca’s effervescent personality is the perfect balance. They just go together like chips and salsa. A toast to many years of red wine, barbecue’s, and best friendship!  Congratulations to you both. I can hardly wait until the wedding..EEK!!

I want to thank the awesome and talented, Dee Her for her contribution to this session.




New York Bridal

I visited this awesome store with one of my brides. I was blown away by the gorgeous, modern, roomy motif & endless dress selections. I just had to get my camera and snap just a few photos before the store was closing. I could spend hours there photographing all the beautiful accessories.  I’m kind of obsessed with bows & bling and every other girly thing!

If you are a bride still looking for your dress, be sure to check out New York Bride & Groom.  They also have great dresses for all occasions, just go check them out.

Here’s some teaser eye candy.

Happy shopping!2013-10-10_0016 2013-10-10_0017 2013-10-10_0018

Preparing for Your Session

Hey girls, whether you are having a  photo session, wedding or just want to feel beautiful for a special event, have your make-up professionally done.  Having your makeup done before a session will result in you feeling more confident, as well as adding that extra drama and beauty to your images!

I’d like to introduce Shi, Master Makeup Artist of LetsgetVAMP.  She did an AMAZING  job and gave Becca exactly the look she was going for. Natural, with eyes that “POP”.  Since Becca does’t normally wear make-up, when she looked in the mirror for the first time, her “WOW”, said it all!  She looked stunning for her engagement session!

Thanks Shi! I’m looking forward to working with you again!




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