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Christmas lights and drama kings!

I was so excited when I heard that both of my sons would be off work for Christmas! Finally we could spend some family time all together. We decided to exchange gifts, go to a movie, go out to dinner and then tour Christmas town USA, in Mcadenville, NC, where they would be displaying their 58th annual Christmas town lights.


While I cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast, I heard the sound of screaming as the guys chased each other around the house hitting each other with the wrapping paper rolls!  Really? I would have thought by their age they would have outgrown that pastime. I guess not. As I was going through some photos to post on Facebook, I realized it had been 5 years since we were all in a photo together! Because I’m ALWAYS behind the camera.  As the day progressed, I informed them I wanted to take a family photo. With the moaning and complaining that followed, you would have thought I said they had to clean out the garage!  With the family looking spiffy, I set up the tripod and put the camera on self timer.  I got a few decent shots of different groupings in about 10 minutes. This was really important and I was really excited about it. The guys, NOT SO MUCH! After complaints about a shirt change, the weather being too cold and the fact that in “their” opinion I was taking too many photos, I gave up without a fight. *SIGH* No wonder the family photos from the last few years are scarce. (more…)

The Gift of Forgiveness

Christmas really isn’t about rushing around, buying gifts and decorating, IT’S ABOUT LOVE.  I wonder what Christmas would be like if one year we all just gave the gift of love, time & forgiveness to a hurting world.  We spend so much time shopping, wrapping and spending $$$ for presents that will likely end up in the basement, re-gifted, returned, or even discarded.

I found this story written by John William Smith; it really touched my heart so I wanted to share.

The Gift of Forgiveness

by John William Smith

ChristmaS treeThe Christmas of 1949 we didn’t have a tree.

My dad had as much pride as anybody, I suppose, so he wouldn’t just say that we couldn’t afford one.

When I mentioned it, my mother said that we weren’t going to have one this year, that we couldn’t afford one, and even if we could – it was stupid to clutter up your house with a dead tree.

I wanted a tree badly though, and I thought – in my naïve way – that if we had one, everybody would feel better.

Taking Matters into my Own Hands
About three days before Christmas, I was out collecting for my paper route.

It was fairly late – long after dark – it was snowing and very cold.

I went to the apartment building to try to catch a customer who hadn’t paid me for nearly two months – she owed me seven dollars.

Much to my surprise, she was home.

She invited me in and not only did she pay me, she gave me a dollar tip!

It was a windfall for me – I now had eight whole dollars.

What happened next was totally unplanned.

On the way home, I walked past a Christmas tree lot and the idea hit me.

The selection wasn’t very good because it was so close to the holiday, but there was this one real nice tree.

It had been a very expensive tree and no one had bought it; now it was so close to Christmas that the man was afraid no one would.

He wanted ten dollars for it, but when I – in my gullible innocence – told him I only had eight, he said he might sell it for that.

I really didn’t want to spend the whole eight dollars on the tree, but it was so pretty that I finally agreed.

I dragged it all the way home – about a mile, I think – and I tried hard not to damage it or break off any limbs.

The snow helped to cushion it, and it was still in pretty good shape when I got home.

You can’t imagine how proud and excited I was.

I propped it up against the railing on our front porch and went in.

My heart was bursting as I announced that I had a surprise.

I got Mom and Dad to come to the front door and then I switched on the porch light.

Where did you get that tree?” my mother exclaimed.