Monthly Archives: March 2014

Preparing for your fashion/beauty Photo Session

Regardless of the type of session you are having done, clothing is an important part of your final result.  After preparing for my own fashion session recently, I  thought I would offer a few tips on preparing for YOUR fashion/beauty photo session.  Making your whole look come together includes: makeup, hair, clothing, jewelry & shoes (of course, my favorite part!).  This helps you to think through the whole look and see how it all looks together. I put each outfit together, photographed them with my iPhone and sent them to my photographer to give her a heads up on my “look” so she could formulate a plan on her end for backdrops, lighting, etc.. I put all the jewelry & accessories in one jewelry box to take with me and all the shoes in a big bag for easy carrying.   I will be offering tips on how to coordinate clothing for an engagement session (which is a little more tricky) in a future post. Inspiration & Design Photography_0041   (more…)

Gallery Make-over!

Inspiration & Design Photography_0037I’m so excited to show you my gallery make-over! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been sooooo long since I’ve blogged.  Being a wedding photographer, this is typically the slow season for images.  But I have been scheduling lots of great weddings for the year and can’t wait to start shooting!!  But for now, I will share a little of what I have been doing.

It’s been nice taking a break from blogging and I’ve been trying not to feel guilty, especially when I look at my stats and see how many people are coming to view new material and there is none.  Thanks to all that still come, I hope to give you lots of eye candy this year.

I have been working on all kinds of “stuff” this winter. This is the time I typically try to update samples, work on marketing, create new product lines & pricing, get stuff ready for taxes; you know all that really FUN stuff!  I do enjoy winter because I get to take a little more time for me. When wedding season hits, it’s like jumping on a treadmill going at full speed, all you can do is try to keep the pace without falling on your face! 

One of my winter projects has been updating my gallery room where I meet with clients. I had put the room together with items I already had when I moved in.  It was okay, but not pushing my happy buttons.  So with excitement and anticipation of what I might do with my room, I set out  with my cell  phone photo as a reference & began searching for inspiration! And in two days I found my direction and transformed the room! YAY me. Okay…I get excited about decorating.  Photography & decorating compete for number one position in my creative life.  I hope this post helps you with a room that isn’t pushing your happy buttons and gives you inspiration to transform that room.  Send me your before and afters! Or if you want some ideas, send me a photo of your room and a message with your questions. Maybe a new set of eyes can help you transform your room! I’d love to help.