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Wedding-Victorian Crow’s Nest, Monroe, NC

Ceasarine & Anthony’s Wedding at the Victorian Crow’s Nest July 26th, 2014

Wedding Victorian Crow's Nest, Monroe, NC

What a beautiful location for a wedding! The owner’s Shirley and Cofield Hilburn, along with their daughter Carmen, were the most wonderful and accommodating people I have worked with.  I want to personally thank you all for your hospitality.

Hot doesn’t begin to describe this day. I’ve felt humidity in my years here in the south, but that day held a record in my mind. But the oppressive heat was no hindrance to the joy that was felt and expressed by Ceasarine and Anthony on their wedding day.  They had family and friends that traveled from all over the world to be there and I know it meant the world to them.  

I love shooting wedding details! Ahh…the beauty, the uniqueness, the story behind the special items. For those of you who read my blog, you know I’m pretty much shoe obsessed! Well let me tell you, obsessed doesn’t even adequately describe how I felt about her gorgeous wedding shoes!! In fact, I was so in-love with them, I asked her to put them in her will and of course I would be the beneficiary of those amazing shoes!! Ceasarine also had these amazing African necklaces for each bridesmaid to wear. Wow, talk about statement pieces!

Ceasarine didn’t stop smiling all day. She is so completely, deeply and purely loved by Anthony, it fills every part of her to the point of total peace & utter JOY!  Anthony told her she is the most beautiful woman in the world!  He gazes at her with a love and respect so deep it’s  palpable. When you experience their love for each other, you just know it’s a love that would endure any storm and only be strengthened more.

This wedding won a few awards for the year. What comes to mind is: most humid wedding day, the bride that smiled the most, the bride with the prettiest shoes, the only groomsmen to be uncover superheros (see pics below), bridesmaids dresses with the most “pop”, the venue with the kindest owners, the wedding that flew by the fastest, and  the most packed dance floor (EVER)!!  In fact the bridal couple was so tightly surrounded by festive dancing guests, that we had to attach the camera to a hand held boom arm and hover it over the crowd in order to photograph any other than the backs of the guests !!  I felt like a paparazzo trying to photograph high profile celebrities!

Congratulations Ceasarine & Anthony! I hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon and I hope to see some pictures…especially of Venice!  I hope you love your pictures as much as I loved working with you!


Wedding – Westminster Presbyterian Church

Elisa & Andrew’s Wedding at Westminster Presbyterian Church , Charlotte, NC

Wedding - Westminster Presbyterian Church - Inspiration & Design Photography_0594

How we got engaged:

Andrew took me to Greenville, South Carolina, where he had some of our closest friends, including my parents, waiting to share our special moment.  He had an elaborate, thought-out, and very romantic plan, which involved several written memories and one of my paintings.  When he asked me to be his wife I said, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Their entire story is quite lengthy so I’ve included it here:  The Proposal

The wedding day started out gloomy and super humid, but other than that, it was amazingly wonderful! I thought about how special these two people were and what an amazing life and adventure they had shared leading them to this very moment. Their devotion to family, God and each other was evident. They have a pure love for each other… full of peace, grace, friendship and respect. It’s truly a relationship that inspires you to love.

As I sat down to choose images for the blog it was a struggle as always. How do I tell “their” story with just a few select images?  I loved the the playfulness of the guys. I was laughing so hard  as I moved swiftly around them snapping away!  As I threw ideas for antics their way, they happily obliged and let their “inner boys”  loose to come out and play for the camera!!