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A blast from the past – and not so trendy trends

My blast from the past is an Indian Wedding from 2007.

Indian Wedding

I got an inquiry for an Indian wedding, which prompted me to go digging in the archives to find some samples. I never forget a client and  these two are no different. This is Sukhpriet & Abhishek. I photographed their wedding June 21, 2007. I didn’t blog back then. In fact, a lot has changed since then. Cameras have improved immensely and so has my editing skills! I didn’t shoot in RAW or use Lightroom back then. So needless to say,  these images needed a re-edited. All better.

It’s always interesting to look at your old work and see how much you have changed &  improved with time. Photographic styles change too. Back then the trendy thing that had started was to shoot your images with the camera really angled. I guess we thought it was cool at the time, but it was so annoying to look at almost 8 years later.  Thankfully I didn’t over-do it and I was able to re-crop and straighten some of my slanted vertical lines.

Many years ago when I studied photography, I was taught the traditional rules of composition and lighting that have stood the test of time and I shot that way for many years. I remember when the angled look became popular, it really bothered me. The composition was wacky, but what do you do? Clients usually want what’s popular. So you go with it. Thankfully we are past that trend!

And of course who can forget the “tinted or selective color” look. You’ve all seen it, a black and white image with something left in color.  Very cool at the time, it has passed and now when I see someone still using that technique, it’s like looking at old pictures in the photo album wearing clothes that well…you get the picture. It’s uncomfortable.  As a side note, that’s what I’m afraid will happen in a few years with this whole faded, flat, vintage look. I admire the look. I’m a huge fan of vintage. But I tend to keep most of my edits clean and timeless, so I won’t look back at them later and cringe.


Merry Christmas!

 Wishing you all a Merry Christmas filled with love, laughter and treasured memories with family & friends!


If you had to pick ONE WORD to characterize Christmas, what would it be? For me it’s LOVE. It’s the time of year we focus more on loving others. It’s when we are reminded of God’s love for us.

This year especially I am so thankful for the love of God, family and friends. Because LOVE is truly the best gift we could ever give or receive. I pray that I continue to learn to love others better than the previous year. Because in the end, will I care how successful I was? Or how much “stuff” I accumulated? Or how popular I was on social media? I THINK NOT. Because the true meaning of life  – is to love God and love others.

Love is an action. Kindness, respect, generosity, forgiveness, putting others before ourselves…


Mayra’s Graduation – UNC Charlotte

Graduation with honors!

Mayra Graduated from UNC Charlotte, early and with Honors! So not only is she smart, but as you can she, she’s totally GORGEOUS too!! She graduated in 3 years with 2 majors! Mayra wants to carry a gun and get the bad guys!! Can you imagine this little cutie packing a gun? She could probably stop the bad guys with just her good looks! You go girl! Make the world a safer and better place however you do it.

Luckily it was sunny the day we ventured onto the UNCC campus where she wanted her photos taken.  It was a freezing, goose bumpy, nose drippy day. And yet she looks flawlessly at ease.  We had quite an adventurous day that ended with her car deciding not to start. It was quite the spectacle as I tried to play mechanic, while this guy sat in his car and didn’t even offer to help. Geesh, whatever happen to helping damsels in distress??

I hadn’t been under the hood of my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee before and was surprised to discover (after calling the dealership) that the battery is located under the passenger seat…What?!  So after getting out my jumper cables and wrestling with hooking up both batteries, we discovered the problem wasn’t with the battery after all. So we decided to go have dinner and gab like girls do, while AAA towed her car home.

Thanks Mayra for being so sweet and fun and enduring the cold! I had a blast taking your photos. You look FABULOUS! Congratulations again!

Graduation Photos UNCC


Carolina Paranormal Girls

Have you ever experience anything paranormal?

Have you ever lived in a haunted house? I have. In fact, several. Two of the houses people had died in. One of them two people had died in.  It’s quite unnerving. I’ve never experienced anything super scary or menacing, but it was still creepy none the less.  And I am not alone. There are tons of ordinary people, as well as celebrities, sharing their own stories through the many paranormal programs now being aired on cable.

It just so happens that this three girl team: Alison, Heather & Ashley, all had their own paranormal experiences growing up. This has lead to a path in paranormal investigation for these ladies. They  are also publishing a book about their experiences & investigations.

From left to right, Heather, Alison & Ashley

Carolina Paranormal Girls


Although they are just getting started, they are rapidly gaining recognition & popularity in their field and will be featured as guest speakers on Paranormal King Radio and interviewed by Kathryn Hobson on her show called “Paranormal Experienced”. This hour long interview will be February 4th at 8 pm. If you miss it, the audio link will be posted on their Facebook and website.  They currently don’t charge for their services and just want to help people, so if you need help with any pesky entities, you can reach them at  Carolina Paranormal Girls or on their face book page  HERE .

Alison says, ” I am becoming a very spiritual person. I love God and his children, and I want to devote my life to Him. In fact, just this year I became an ordained minister to help me minister to All the people of the world. As a child I experienced several traumas of the paranormal kind. Yes it was scary! No, I never want to have those particular experiences again. I do however want to learn from them, and help others, who are currently having problems with paranormal entities, find a way back into the light and away from fear.” (more…)