Carolina Paranormal Girls

Have you ever experience anything paranormal?

Have you ever lived in a haunted house? I have. In fact, several. Two of the houses people had died in. One of them two people had died in.  It’s quite unnerving. I’ve never experienced anything super scary or menacing, but it was still creepy none the less.  And I am not alone. There are tons of ordinary people, as well as celebrities, sharing their own stories through the many paranormal programs now being aired on cable.

It just so happens that this three girl team: Alison, Heather & Ashley, all had their own paranormal experiences growing up. This has lead to a path in paranormal investigation for these ladies. They  are also publishing a book about their experiences & investigations.

From left to right, Heather, Alison & Ashley

Carolina Paranormal Girls


Although they are just getting started, they are rapidly gaining recognition & popularity in their field and will be featured as guest speakers on Paranormal King Radio and interviewed by Kathryn Hobson on her show called “Paranormal Experienced”. This hour long interview will be February 4th at 8 pm. If you miss it, the audio link will be posted on their Facebook and website.  They currently don’t charge for their services and just want to help people, so if you need help with any pesky entities, you can reach them at  Carolina Paranormal Girls or on their face book page  HERE .

Alison says, ” I am becoming a very spiritual person. I love God and his children, and I want to devote my life to Him. In fact, just this year I became an ordained minister to help me minister to All the people of the world. As a child I experienced several traumas of the paranormal kind. Yes it was scary! No, I never want to have those particular experiences again. I do however want to learn from them, and help others, who are currently having problems with paranormal entities, find a way back into the light and away from fear.”

I had the pleasure of getting to photograph these lovely and enthusiastic ladies one very cold & windy day. Our last stop was at a graveyard for some simulated shots of them in action to use for their website. Unexpectedly, an entity decided to communicate with them while we were there.

Starting with prayer on the church grounds

Carolina Paranormal Girls

 At the cemetery, already getting readings

Inspiration & Design Photography - Carolina Paranormal Girls_0923

communicating with an entity

Inspiration & Design Photography - Carolina Paranormal Girls_0925

Inspiration & Design Photography - Carolina Paranormal Girls_0927

Carolina Paranormal Girls

Seeing Ghosts?

Carolina Paranormal Girls

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Inspiration & Design Photography - Carolina Paranormal Girls_0931

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Charlie’s Angels in paranormal form…

Inspiration & Design Photography - Carolina Paranormal Girls_0932

Inspiration & Design Photography - Carolina Paranormal Girls_0930

This was a fun project to shoot! You girls are so sweet and fun. I wish you all the best in helping others with their unwanted paranormal activity.

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  1. Heather

    I love the blog Tess! You truly captured our essence! Thank you so much!

  2. editor

    You are so welcome!!

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