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Mr. GQ

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I can’t believe my boy is all grown up (well he’s legally an adult at least)! At 18 he is already a real estate agent! I’m so proud and know he will be a success at something he loves so much! I have been photographing Luke since he was little, but I thought it would be fun to have my associate and amazing photographer Dee Her, do a GQ session of him.

Thanks Dee, you did an awesome job! I love these images of my handsome guy!  Luke you look all cool and stuff!!

New Blog Design is Under Construction!

Hello readers! You’ve probably noticed that things look a little different around here. Welcome to the beginnings of my new blog design! Although my old blog design was very pretty and unique, I decided to update the blog design to more closely match my new website design HERE for a more cohesive look. I also wanted to have a blog with the latest technology that could be easily viewed on mobile devices.

I am currently working on the design layout and functionality

Please check back soon for a tour of the completed design! Thank you for your patience.