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Britt’s Bridal Session Part Two

Here is Britt’s bridal session part two!

Yesterday’s blog showed the warm version of Britt’s bridal session inside the adorable and warm bride’s room at the Rolling Hill Farms.  Today are the outside photos. Don’t let the sun fool you it was 55 degrees and poor Britt, although she was cold, rocked it like a professional!  She use to model and dance so she knows “the show must go on”. I must say she was a trooper. Her performance was flawless!

Bridal Session, Rolling Hill Farms


Bridal Session – Rolling Hill Farms

Brittany’s Bridal session – Rolling Hill Farms in Monroe, NC.

Bridal Session, Rolling Hill Farms

I love the story of how Britt and her fiancé met, but I’m going to wait to tell that story until I photograph their wedding in May. They will be having their ceremony & reception at the Rolling Hill Farms, so she decided to do her bridal portraits there as well.


Wedding Styles Through the Ages

Wedding styles though the ages – a look back.

I LOVE to watch PERIOD films. It’s fascinating to see how people lived, the clothes they wore, their traditions, their decorous speech and of course ROMANCE. I don’t think love has changed much, but they way people approach romance and courting has. A LOT!!

I thought it would be fun to look back at weddings specifically. Since I love both VINTAGE and FASHION, I thought a post about wedding styles through the ages would be an interesting post.

As I began to do my research on wedding styles through the ages, I found a great example of exactly what I wanted on Weddings by Lilly . I thought this was perfection and why mess with perfection!

wedding styles of late 1800's


Wedding – Olde Sycamore Golf Club

Kathleen & Adam’s Wedding – Old Sycamore Golf Club – Mint Hill, NC

Wedding - Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation

Kathleen & Adam had been dating for about a year and got engaged on Christmas 2014. Which meant they only had three months to plan their wedding at the Olde Sycamore Golf Club, which was held March 14th 2015. Thankfully, Kathleen’s mom is no stranger to planning weddings, since her other daughter got married last year. So Ann got very busy helping Kathleen, with all her wedding details. She also used her crafty skills to design all the venue decorations.


Bridal Tip Tuesday – Elegance on a budget

Denise,  what advice would you offer to brides planning their wedding for this week’s Bridal tip Tuesday?

Denise – We wanted an elegant wedding, but were still trying to do it on a budget. We saved money by keeping the centerpieces simple but elegant. We had the guys wear suits instead of tuxes. I also saved money by having the bouquets done in silk flowers. They’ve come along way. I never thought I would carry them on my wedding day.

Wedding Palisades Country Club - Inspiration & Design Photography_0218

Tess – And obviously you pulled it off beautifully, because your wedding has already been featured twice and will be featured again, April 2nd on In Love In The City’s blog. There’s always ways to save money and still have a beautiful wedding! Putting the bulk of your budget into the things that matter the most and finding ways to save in other areas is always a great idea.


Bridal Tip Tuesday – Pinterest Pressure

Bridal tips for the wedding day…Pinterest Pressure

As you can see, Kandis thought of every detail when planning her gorgeously appointed wedding. But she has some thoughts that she would like to share with future brides.

Orange wedding decorations

Kandis says, “My tip would be to stop focusing on every minute detail. On your big day, you won’t notice every single detail but you will remember how you felt. It’s easy to get bogged down and feel the Pinterest pressure to have a visually stunning wedding. But remember that the wedding isn’t the finish line – it’s the starting line.


Finding your beautiful

Murray Studios help women find their beautiful!

What an inspiring video. I believe every woman is beautiful, she just may not know it yet! I would like to honor Murray Studios for the amazing gift you gave these women!

Many years ago, when I was first learning photography, I found the magic of making women feel beautiful and that’s why I became a photographer.  Finding your beautiful may not always be easy. This video is a perfect example of the amazing power we have as photographers to show women how truly beautiful they are. And to make a special & lasting investment in their hearts.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. But many don’t. Sometimes they just need a little assistance bringing out their beauty. Other times they are gorgeous by the world’s standards, but they can’t see it. What we believe about ourselves is what we see when we look in the mirror, not always the reality of the reflection we see.


Featured on My Hotel Wedding

Holiday Inn City Center Wedding featured on MY HOTEL WEDDING

This beautiful, romantic, purple & pink wedding, on top of the Charlotte Holiday Inn, city center has been quite popular. This is the second wedding blog that has featured their wedding! I was privileged to capture the incredible work  of the other talented vendors that created such a beautiful and romantic rooftop wedding!

My Hotel Wedding

My Hotel Wedding1