Using my Right Brain

Using my right brain attributes & how they influence my business.

I believe I was designed by GOD to “create”. He infused me with major right brain functions: uses feeling, imagination rules, fantasy based, spatial perception, believes, appreciates, risk taker. Growing up I was always creating something (we won’t talk about the toilet paper pot holders, not one of my better creations). Then I found photography & fell in-love! The rest is history. To understand more about how I use my right brain attributes, these are my thoughts on the matter.

“Feeling” I use my “feeling” to connect with my subject on a much deeper level which allows me to bring out their true and BEST self. People comment frequently that my images are “full of life” and that they feel they’ve connected on a personal level with the subject. My “feeling” nature causes me to emotionally connect & genuinely care for people.

Retouched 0637Image by Blue Kiss Studio

“Imagination rules” Why yes it does! It takes massive amounts of imagination to keep producing images that are unique & beautiful. And album designs that continue to amaze & delight my clients!

“Fantasy based” Isn’t the best romance novel or movie steeped in little more fantasy than real life? Really…who kisses passionately in a down pour? My very real images are wrapped in a layer of fantasy, just enough to make them more romantic! What bride doesn’t want her wedding day images to truly express all the romance and fairytale magic she feels inside her heart? For one day she is Cinderella, marrying her prince!

“Spatial Perception” This allows me to have a keener vision of my surroundings, intuitively perceiving “details”, naturally composing my image for maximum impact! Knowing what to include in my image to tell a better story, knowing when a slight tweak of the camera angle will greatly enhance the tension or excitement of the image.

“Believes” I believe in myself and my mission as a photographer. I believe in giving my clients the best I can. I believe in the magic of love! I believe in Jesus Christ & his ability to love & guide me.

“Appreciates” I appreciate that I am able to do what I love! I appreciate every client that puts their faith in me to capture their personal love story! I appreciate the uniqueness of each person. I appreciate every person who makes a contribution to my life! I appreciate all the people who love me in spite of my faults. I appreciate life!

“Risk taker” I have taken a lot of risks along my photographic journey to get where I am. Sometimes it takes great risk to pursue & achieve the things we want in life! I also feel risk taking enhances my images. Trying something I’m not sure will work, something I haven’t tried before. Sometimes those risks pay-off big! If I always played it safe, the result would most likely be “mediocrity”. Something I am not comfortable with.

My photographic career spans many years and includes commercial & advertising, as well as portrait & wedding photography. I moved here from California and decided to specialize in weddings 10 years ago. I love all the beauty, romance and fun of the wedding day! What a wonderful career, working with awesome couples documenting the most exciting time of their lives!

I am blessed.

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