Engagement Session – Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Julius & Katrina’s engagement session at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

I met this lovely couple at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden for their engagement photos. The weather was hot and humid and very sunny!  To avoid full sun shots, I scouted for good light in unique places that I hadn’t shot before. I love when a situation stretches my creativity and I have clients that are game for whatever I want to try!Inspiration & Design Photography_2154

Katrina and Julius did a great job with harmonious clothing that allowed THEM to be the focus of the portraits. Katrina’s make-up was flawless and perfectly brought out her pretty features. One of which is her incredible smile. They warmed up quickly to my instructions & were natural & comfortable as they got affectionate, playful & snuggly.  Julius did a great job bringing out the joy in Katrina’s heart. She commented “yeah, I like him”. LOL!

She also commented,  “fake eye lashes are the Devil”.  I replied, “But they look so heavenly”! As we wandered the beautiful gardens Katrina limped along in her what I call, “sit & look pretty shoes”. Katrina however had a less affectionate term…TORTURE SHOES! Which she finally had enough of and swapped out for the comfy flats. I’m sure Julius was thinking how thankful he is to be a guy.

You guys were super fun! And in spite of the heat, torture shoes & devil eyelashes, you guys looked effortlessly happy & beautiful together. Thank you for trusting me to capture the essence of your love for each other. I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September!

Inspiration & Design Photography_2155 Inspiration & Design Photography_2156I love her look!Inspiration & Design Photography_2157

Jungle Love 🙂 Inspiration & Design Photography_2158 Inspiration & Design Photography_2159 Inspiration & Design Photography_2160Inspiration & Design Photography_2169 Inspiration & Design Photography_2162Inspiration & Design Photography_2164Inspiration & Design Photography_2163Inspiration & Design Photography_2165So Cute!Inspiration & Design Photography_2166Inspiration & Design Photography_2167Inspiration & Design Photography_2168Inspiration & Design Photography_2171 Inspiration & Design Photography_2170Inspiration & Design Photography_2161

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