Engagement Session – Colonel Francis Beatty Park

Brandi & Colton’s engagement session – Colonel Francis Beatty Park in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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I met this cute couple when I photographed Brandi’s best friend’s wedding recently. You can view HERE.  Brandi & Colton were both in the wedding. They were super fun and completely adorable! So I was super excited when I got an email  from Brandi saying she wanted to schedule an engagement session with me at Colonel Francis Beatty Park.

I love when couples bring things to their session to make it unique & personalized. So I was thrilled that Colton would be bringing his Harley Davidson as a prop! Which I affectionately called his “Steel Horse”, as my mind wandered back in time to Bon Jovi’s song, “Wanted Dead or Alive”.

Some couples just look like book-ends perfectly paired from the beginning of time. That is Brandi & Colton. I could feel their deep love for each other, as well as I could feel the staggering humidity after the recent storm. I loved the way Colton looked at Brandi and the way she smiled and laughed so easily in response to his gaze.

After lots of fun, pretty poses and plenty of sweating (UGH), we headed out for refreshments and some gab time. Brandi & Colton, you were so easy to work with and so fun to spend time with. I really enjoyed our time  at the restaurant getting to know you better! Thanks for sharing and for being A-M-A-Z-I-N-G people!

Good job picking Colonel Francis Beatty Park for your engagement session, it was a great choice! I really liked the water background.

Engagement Session Charlotte

Engagement session at Colonial Beatty Park

Engagement session at Colonel Beatty Park

Engement session with Harley Davidson

Summer Engagement session Charlotte

Engement session with Harley Davidson

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Inspiration & Design Photography_2179

Engement session with Harley Davidson

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Engement session with Harley Davidson

Engement session with Harley Davidson

Engement session with Harley Davidson Inspiration & Design Photography_2173

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