Katrina & Julius – Wedding

Katrina & Julius had their wedding on the rooftop of the Holiday Inn City Center, on 9-17-2016.

As so many times in the south, there was a threat of heavy rain for the wedding day. However, Katrina and I offered up fervent prayer and thankfully the forecast changed! The weather was PERFECT! Thank you Jesus!

Wedding Uptown Charlotte

The bride was relaxed and happy as she prepared to see her groom. She had a special gift for the groom and boy was it SPECIAL! There were many goodies tucked inside the cute gift bag. The first one to bring happy tears was a small booklet with the title “My promise”.  As he flipped through the pages reading each one, he gently shook his head in amazement at the sentiments written inside. But the grand finale gift brought disbelief, shock, joy & tears! It was a watch he wanted really bad. He had tried to buy it for himself while they were out shopping together, but Katrina had convinced him to wait. I’ve never seen anyone love & appreciate a gift so much. It was awesome to experience. He then exclaimed, “I’m ready to see my bride now!”. Katrina you knocked it out of the park!

Since Katrina & Julius chose to have a first look and we were all riding together in a bus to a nearby park for photos, he had to be blindfolded for the ride. The only thing he could find was a black napkin, LOL. Needless to say, it wasn’t big enough to tie around his head, so he just draped it over his head & eyes, which was pretty humorous looking.

We captured romantics of Katrina & Julius at Fourth Ward park. Julius was all smiles and Katrina had a demure smile as she gazed at the man who clearly fills her heart with love & contentment.

After sweet toasts and fun dances, Katrina changed into a short dress and we ended the evening with a few night photos.

Thank you Julius for the big hug & smile when I arrived to shoot the wedding! You really boosted my joy and energy! Katrina, thank you for trusting me to take photos that you would love, even though that meant walking in those painful, but gorgeous shoes!! You guys are so sweet together and I can’t wait to begin creating a gorgeous album of your wedding day!!

Wedding holiday Inn City Center inspiration-design-photography_2212 inspiration-design-photography_2213 inspiration-design-photography_2214 Wedding Holiday Inn City Center Peach Bouquet


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Photographer | Tess Woods

Assistant Photographer | Delayna Kenny

Venue | Holiday Inn City Center

Flowers | Charlotte Wedding Flowers

Cake | Cheese Cake Etc.

Violinist | Christine Robinson

Videographer | Shutter Hutch

DJ | Split Second Sound

Wedding Dress | Simpson’s Bridal


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