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Engagement Session Uptown Charlotte

Paulina & Travis engagement session uptown Charlotte. They both work uptown and love the urban vibe of our beautiful city!


Their story:  It all began in December 2013, when I met Travis at our company’s Christmas party. As we were standing near each other, I recalled seeing him before, but thought I was mistaken. So, I decided to ask him if he attended VCC and he confirmed he’d been going there for several years and then began to talk about church music.

Over the next few weeks, Travis started to stop by my desk and we talked more about VCC, as I  had been going there for most of the year. He asked if  I wanted to “do lunch” and I didn’t realize he had an interest in me until he asked me out to a basketball during lunch.  I politely made up an excuse on why I couldn’t go to the game.

Then one Sunday, as I was leaving church, Travis was waiting there in the lobby and as I was putting on  my coat, he helped me to put it on. He asked for my number and I was intrigued by his persistent, yet gentle approach, so I gave him my number. I can’t believe we took the risk of dating given we worked in the same department and attended the same church. But we are happy and excited to be here now…we truly believe that love found us!