Engagement Session Uptown Charlotte

Paulina & Travis engagement session uptown Charlotte. They both work uptown and love the urban vibe of our beautiful city!


Their story:  It all began in December 2013, when I met Travis at our company’s Christmas party. As we were standing near each other, I recalled seeing him before, but thought I was mistaken. So, I decided to ask him if he attended VCC and he confirmed he’d been going there for several years and then began to talk about church music.

Over the next few weeks, Travis started to stop by my desk and we talked more about VCC, as I  had been going there for most of the year. He asked if  I wanted to “do lunch” and I didn’t realize he had an interest in me until he asked me out to a basketball during lunch.  I politely made up an excuse on why I couldn’t go to the game.

Then one Sunday, as I was leaving church, Travis was waiting there in the lobby and as I was putting on  my coat, he helped me to put it on. He asked for my number and I was intrigued by his persistent, yet gentle approach, so I gave him my number. I can’t believe we took the risk of dating given we worked in the same department and attended the same church. But we are happy and excited to be here now…we truly believe that love found us!

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Katrina & Julius – Wedding

Katrina & Julius had their wedding on the rooftop of the Holiday Inn City Center, on 9-17-2016.

As so many times in the south, there was a threat of heavy rain for the wedding day. However, Katrina and I offered up fervent prayer and thankfully the forecast changed! The weather was PERFECT! Thank you Jesus!

Wedding Uptown Charlotte

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Bridal Session at Separk Mansion

The Lovely Alma,  had her Bridal Session at Separk Mansion. With its historic charm and crystal chandeliers it’s the perfect place to feel & look beautiful!

Bridal session at separk Mansion

You would not know it by these photos, but Alma could not stop laughing and giggling during her session. And who wouldn’t be giddy dressed in her wedding dress and knowing she’s only a few short weeks from marrying the man of her dreams! I met Alma when I photographed her best friend’s wedding. I can remember clearly her bubbly personality and infectious smile.

Her lovely low back dress complimented her beautiful figure. As I got to know her a little better during the session, it was evident that she is as sweet as she is elegant. Alma, Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of photographing you!

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Engagement Session – Colonel Francis Beatty Park

Brandi & Colton’s engagement session – Colonel Francis Beatty Park in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Inspiration & Design Photography_2194

I met this cute couple when I photographed Brandi’s best friend’s wedding recently. You can view HERE.  Brandi & Colton were both in the wedding. They were super fun and completely adorable! So I was super excited when I got an email  from Brandi saying she wanted to schedule an engagement session with me at Colonel Francis Beatty Park.

I love when couples bring things to their session to make it unique & personalized. So I was thrilled that Colton would be bringing his Harley Davidson as a prop! Which I affectionately called his “Steel Horse”, as my mind wandered back in time to Bon Jovi’s song, “Wanted Dead or Alive”.

Some couples just look like book-ends perfectly paired from the beginning of time. That is Brandi & Colton. I could feel their deep love for each other, as well as I could feel the staggering humidity after the recent storm. I loved the way Colton looked at Brandi and the way she smiled and laughed so easily in response to his gaze.

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Hello readers, I am sorry that you have not had anything new to read/view for a while. I had my blog migrated to a new hosting company and now I can’t upload any images without getting http: errors.

My team is working on finding a solution and as soon as they do I will be able to catch up on posting all the latest sessions and information.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Engagement Session – Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Julius & Katrina’s engagement session at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

I met this lovely couple at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden for their engagement photos. The weather was hot and humid and very sunny!  To avoid full sun shots, I scouted for good light in unique places that I hadn’t shot before. I love when a situation stretches my creativity and I have clients that are game for whatever I want to try!Inspiration & Design Photography_2154

Katrina and Julius did a great job with harmonious clothing that allowed THEM to be the focus of the portraits. Katrina’s make-up was flawless and perfectly brought out her pretty features. One of which is her incredible smile. They warmed up quickly to my instructions & were natural & comfortable as they got affectionate, playful & snuggly.  Julius did a great job bringing out the joy in Katrina’s heart. She commented “yeah, I like him”. LOL!

She also commented,  “fake eye lashes are the Devil”.  I replied, “But they look so heavenly”! As we wandered the beautiful gardens Katrina limped along in her what I call, “sit & look pretty shoes”. Katrina however had a less affectionate term…TORTURE SHOES! Which she finally had enough of and swapped out for the comfy flats. I’m sure Julius was thinking how thankful he is to be a guy.

You guys were super fun! And in spite of the heat, torture shoes & devil eyelashes, you guys looked effortlessly happy & beautiful together. Thank you for trusting me to capture the essence of your love for each other. I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in September!

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Lindsay & Wally – Cotton Gin Wedding

This Cotton Gin wedding in Monroe NC, was a charming laid back rustic style wedding in lilac & grey.

Wally & Lindsay met in high school  and they have been together ever since. Now seven years later, they proclaimed their love for each other through handwritten vows . But this couple’s deep love for each other doesn’t need to be spoken. You can see it in every touch, & every content smile. Wally is the quiet type, but when he looks at Lindsay, his eyes speak volumes. You know when you watch them, that there is a deep connectedness and comfort in each others company. A trust built through the years. A love built on a solid foundation of respect & adoration.

Cotton Gin Wedding

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Sarah & Darion – Alexander Homestead Wedding

A beautiful spring wedding at the Alexander Homestead Venue in Charlotte, NC.

This venue is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Lots of flowers & trees, a pond, a charming vintage home, an awesome rustic barn for your reception and more!

Inspiration & Design Photography_1972

After years of growing in their faith, as well as their love for each other, they were finally reading their handwritten vows to each other in a beautiful garden, surrounded by the love of family & friends! Darion proposed in Brookgreen Gardens. He caught Sarah off guard and when she turned around and saw him on his knee, she laughed out loud! She thought it was a joke! After so many years together and thinking he was going to propose previously, while on a trip to Disneyland, he certainly surprised her.

I loved all the special stories told during the reception. Stories that brought both tears & laughter. I love hearing about how people met & fell in love. It was evident by all the sentiments that were expressed, that this couple is deeply loved by many.  Both families seemed thrilled to be blended together!

Darion rocked some amazing dance moves, Grandma caught the bouquet, none of the guys wanted to catch the garter and the cupcakes were to die for! After a whirlwind day of beauty, love, laughter and fun, the bride and groom ended the celebration with a stroll through the streamers.

Congratulations Sarah & Darion, your wedding was perfect!! And you are perfect for each other! I  know God has special plans for your life. May you enjoy each moment of every day together…

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Bridal Session – Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Sarah’s Bridal session – Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

I have to say, I LOVE bridal sessions! And I LOVE gardens. So I was pretty much in Photography heaven doing Sarah’s Bridal Portraits. The weather was the perfect temperature, with a soft breeze blowing and soft sunlight filtered by hazy clouds.

bridal session at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Sarah’s fiance proposed in the GORGEOUS Brookgreen Gardens in Myrtle Beach, so another botanical garden was the perfect location for her bridals! She was a sweetheart to work with and I loved her enthusiasm and openness to get all posy after she warmed up to the camera.

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Engagement Session – Uptown Charlotte

Leslie & Jason’s engagement session at 1st Ward Park, uptown Charlotte.

It was a fabulously sunny & breezy day when I met Leslie & Jason for their engagement session at 1st Ward Park. This adorable couple let their fun and romance shine through in spite of being a bit camera shy.

I love the clothing choice Leslie decided on. The more dressed up feel went great with the city vibe and the colors were perfect for the water backdrop and variations of blue in the buildings. I love the color harmony.

This hardworking couple have been together 7 years! And Leslie remarked that she thinks they kissed more during their engagement session, than they have their entire relationship! my bad, LOL! See how fun an engagement session can be? Wink, Wink.

Leslie & Jason you guys did awesome! I can’t wait to photograph the wedding in October.

engagement session 1st Ward Park

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