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Finding your beautiful

Murray Studios help women find their beautiful!

What an inspiring video. I believe every woman is beautiful, she just may not know it yet! I would like to honor Murray Studios for the amazing gift you gave these women!

Many years ago, when I was first learning photography, I found the magic of making women feel beautiful and that’s why I became a photographer.  Finding your beautiful may not always be easy. This video is a perfect example of the amazing power we have as photographers to show women how truly beautiful they are. And to make a special & lasting investment in their hearts.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. But many don’t. Sometimes they just need a little assistance bringing out their beauty. Other times they are gorgeous by the world’s standards, but they can’t see it. What we believe about ourselves is what we see when we look in the mirror, not always the reality of the reflection we see.


Preparing for your fashion/beauty Photo Session

Regardless of the type of session you are having done, clothing is an important part of your final result.  After preparing for my own fashion session recently, I  thought I would offer a few tips on preparing for YOUR fashion/beauty photo session.  Making your whole look come together includes: makeup, hair, clothing, jewelry & shoes (of course, my favorite part!).  This helps you to think through the whole look and see how it all looks together. I put each outfit together, photographed them with my iPhone and sent them to my photographer to give her a heads up on my “look” so she could formulate a plan on her end for backdrops, lighting, etc.. I put all the jewelry & accessories in one jewelry box to take with me and all the shoes in a big bag for easy carrying.   I will be offering tips on how to coordinate clothing for an engagement session (which is a little more tricky) in a future post. Inspiration & Design Photography_0041   (more…)

Makeup artist Shi of Let’s Get VAMP!

Becca Boudoir

I was fortunate enough to meet Shi at an event and asked for a card. Shi is a master makeup artist and owner of VAMP or as she likes to say, Let’s Get Vamp!

The first thing that struck me about her was her stunning beauty. I immediately thought, “I want to photograph her!”.  When my bride Becca, hired her to do makeup for her engagement session, I was literally blown away!  Becca has natural beauty and doesn’t normally wear makeup.  BUT WOW, with makeup I was awestruck by how gorgeous her eyes were and how glamorous she looked!  I was amazed at how Shi could make her eyes so dramatic without making her look overdone. Becca mentioned that she got exactly the “look” that she had described to Shi.

I have seen several more examples of Shi’s amazing talent and have been impressed by how she is able to perfectly enhance the features and give the client exactly what they asked for.  She’s professional, prompt, a total sweetheart to work with AND creates something new and fresh for each client/occasion.  Her makeup has inspired me to have a beauty session done for myself and I can’t wait to see what she does with my eyes (she’s amazing with eyes)!

I can’t say enough about this Amazing woman and her ARTISTIC talents!  I want to spread the word, so other women can look and feel their most beautiful for any special occasion, especially photos!!

Christmas is right around the corner, what a great gift for your boyfriend or husband; A beauty session!! Call me, because like Shi, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to make women feel beautiful!

I’d like to introduce Shi to all my readers, so here goes…