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Bridal Guide Feature – Bridal portrait tips

Whether you have separate bridal portraits done or just wedding day bridal portraits, what are some tips that you should know to help you achieve the best images?

Well, The Bridal Guide asked several wedding photographers that very question and we came up with 33 tips for taking Beautiful Bridal Portraits!

Bridal portraits are so important, especially here in the South! There’s so much to think about and plan for in making your portraits all that you want them to be. Wedding photographer’s have lots of experience and can offer insight into helping you get the best images and have the best experience!

You’ve done your part…selecting a gorgeous dress, the perfect hair style, professional make-up & beautiful flowers. So what else should you know? Click here to find out what several of us Professional Photographers recommended.bridal guide 3

Bridal Guide 2


Wedding Tips from Past Brides

Wedding tips from past brides can be so helpful in planning your own wedding.

Today’s wedding tips comes from my past bride Ceasarine, who created a gorgeous wedding! In fact, so gorgeous that her wedding has been chosen by four publications so far!

CEASARINE – The wedding day goes by very fast and is over before you know it- so make sure to slow down, take it all in and enjoy because you have all your loved ones celebrating this day with you. Also steal as many private moments as you can with your new husband .. we did this while dancing, during dinner and a few times between the ceremony and reception.

TESS – So true! I hear this from brides all the time. Sometimes they feel like the day was a “BLUR”. This is another reason photographs are so important. Capturing every detail, even the ones you may not remember. A “first look” is a wonderful way to have a private moment with your future spouse. The feedback from couples that choose this option has been very positive.

Wedding tips from past bride


Bridal Tip Tuesday – Elegance on a budget

Denise,  what advice would you offer to brides planning their wedding for this week’s Bridal tip Tuesday?

Denise – We wanted an elegant wedding, but were still trying to do it on a budget. We saved money by keeping the centerpieces simple but elegant. We had the guys wear suits instead of tuxes. I also saved money by having the bouquets done in silk flowers. They’ve come along way. I never thought I would carry them on my wedding day.

Wedding Palisades Country Club - Inspiration & Design Photography_0218

Tess – And obviously you pulled it off beautifully, because your wedding has already been featured twice and will be featured again, April 2nd on In Love In The City’s blog. There’s always ways to save money and still have a beautiful wedding! Putting the bulk of your budget into the things that matter the most and finding ways to save in other areas is always a great idea.


Bridal Tip Tuesday – Pinterest Pressure

Bridal tips for the wedding day…Pinterest Pressure

As you can see, Kandis thought of every detail when planning her gorgeously appointed wedding. But she has some thoughts that she would like to share with future brides.

Orange wedding decorations

Kandis says, “My tip would be to stop focusing on every minute detail. On your big day, you won’t notice every single detail but you will remember how you felt. It’s easy to get bogged down and feel the Pinterest pressure to have a visually stunning wedding. But remember that the wedding isn’t the finish line – it’s the starting line.


Creating the best wedding day experience – The Wedding Dress

Okay girls…we need to have a little chat about the “Wedding Dress”. I know you brides love your dresses and they are an important part of your day and I totally get that.  However, after shooting  hundreds of weddings over the years, I have a perspective that I would like to share.

I have noticed that many brides are so focused on the dress and keeping it perfectly pristine, that hugs bring fear rather than JOY. If feeling that any smudge, spec, or wrinkle is a potential wedding day disaster, then you’re not free to really enjoy your wedding day like you could.

PLEASE REMEMBER, that the people at your wedding will be looking at YOU in the dress. The HAPPY, GLOWING, IN LOVE, EXCITED you!  ENJOY your day. If a spec of water gets on the dress, it will dry. If a Nat flies into your dress and leaves a tiny smudge, no one will see it.  If the very bottom of your dress gets a tad dirty as you walk around, it’s okay. No one will notice. I promise. If you worry that much about your dress, the stress will be felt not only by you, but by those around you. In the end it’s about the man you are marrying and the memories that you make with the people you love, that will make your wedding day special.

Brides who say, “I’m only wearing  it once, I’m going to have a good time!” end up having an amazingly fun time at their wedding.   I want every bride to have an amazing good time on her wedding day.

So my beautiful brides keep things in perspective. Remember to relax,” it’s only a dress”.  And at the end of the night hopefully your dress will be a testament to how much fun you really did have!

Here’s three beautiful brides that really knew how to have fun in their dresses!


Makeup artist Shi of Let’s Get VAMP!

Becca Boudoir

I was fortunate enough to meet Shi at an event and asked for a card. Shi is a master makeup artist and owner of VAMP or as she likes to say, Let’s Get Vamp!

The first thing that struck me about her was her stunning beauty. I immediately thought, “I want to photograph her!”.  When my bride Becca, hired her to do makeup for her engagement session, I was literally blown away!  Becca has natural beauty and doesn’t normally wear makeup.  BUT WOW, with makeup I was awestruck by how gorgeous her eyes were and how glamorous she looked!  I was amazed at how Shi could make her eyes so dramatic without making her look overdone. Becca mentioned that she got exactly the “look” that she had described to Shi.

I have seen several more examples of Shi’s amazing talent and have been impressed by how she is able to perfectly enhance the features and give the client exactly what they asked for.  She’s professional, prompt, a total sweetheart to work with AND creates something new and fresh for each client/occasion.  Her makeup has inspired me to have a beauty session done for myself and I can’t wait to see what she does with my eyes (she’s amazing with eyes)!

I can’t say enough about this Amazing woman and her ARTISTIC talents!  I want to spread the word, so other women can look and feel their most beautiful for any special occasion, especially photos!!

Christmas is right around the corner, what a great gift for your boyfriend or husband; A beauty session!! Call me, because like Shi, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, to make women feel beautiful!

I’d like to introduce Shi to all my readers, so here goes…


Creating the best wedding day photo experience – Planning

Over the many years of shooting weddings, I’ve seen my share of wedding day blips, delays and down right disasters.  Everything from a groom with no pants, to a wild animal eating half of the wedding cake.  Oh the memories and stories I could share! Although stressful and crazy at the time, looking back on them, some were a little comical. No matter how well you plan, some things are just out of your control. But some aren’t and that’s what I want to talk about today.

I know as a wedding photographer, I have a big job ahead of me at every wedding, which is very important to me.  I want each couple to get the most out of their photographic investment.  That’s why I take a hands on approach to their wedding day timeline.  I send a questionnaire that helps me to gather all the information I need to compile a seamless flow for the day, based on each individual wedding and the amount of hours purchased (see a sample at the end this post). The questions posed give you time to think things through in advance and plan accordingly. The final result is peace of mind knowing that there is a plan and that we will do our part to keep everything flowing smoothly.With so much on your plate, this service can be a real blessing.  Good planning usually yields good results.  Having a plan will also help you to relax and enjoy your day. We got this!

Okay, so we’ve invested thought and time in creating a fabulous wedding day schedule. You’ve shared that schedule with the key wedding day players.  But, now it’s the wedding day and everyone’s late! What?!? Yup, I see this more than any other issue. And if you have contracted me for 8 hours, but show up an hour late, this alters the ENTIRE wedding day schedule. We have to rush trying to catch up, which may limit the time we have to be creative or lessen the amount of photos we have time to take. Lateness causes stress and you don’t need any extra wedding day stress!  Although not every hiccup can be anticipated or avoided, there is much you can do to aid in getting your wedding day off to a good start.


New York Bridal

I visited this awesome store with one of my brides. I was blown away by the gorgeous, modern, roomy motif & endless dress selections. I just had to get my camera and snap just a few photos before the store was closing. I could spend hours there photographing all the beautiful accessories.  I’m kind of obsessed with bows & bling and every other girly thing!

If you are a bride still looking for your dress, be sure to check out New York Bride & Groom.  They also have great dresses for all occasions, just go check them out.

Here’s some teaser eye candy.

Happy shopping!2013-10-10_0016 2013-10-10_0017 2013-10-10_0018

Bridal Tips 101: Hair & Smile by guest Blogger: Emily Plecker

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Out of the many important things on the big day, good hair and a beautiful smile are definitely a priority. Hello, the most important thing of all is a beautiful bride!;) No, really the most important thing is that the bride feels beautiful, and come on ladies we all have our insecurities. Maybe she feels like her hair is thin and unmanageable or that her teeth are dinghy and she cant afford to have them whitened. Breathe! There are solutions!

It’s never a fun day when you realize that your hair isn’t capable of anything. Maybe it’s too thin or flat? A good way to fix this solution is to add an accessory. Hair flowers, bows, and even feathers are HUGE in fashion right now. It’s a perfect extra something to create an allusion of volume! Remember that simple is beautiful, even if you do something as easy as a low bun and add a white flower or bow, it will look elegant and chic. A lot of brides prefer to go with a fresh flower, this is a nice option as well. It may be a clever way to accent her bouquet.


As far as hair goes the simple is beautiful rule still applies. Classic buns and chignons give a great modern and sophisticated look. Details are the eye catchers with these styles. Using hair pins with rhinestones or ceramic designs are a great touch. Lose updos are really in! Lofty twists and soft curls present a romantic and sexy look you may be looking for.