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Need a GREAT Logo? Here’s what I learned.

Over the years I have paid several different entities to design a logo for my business.  Now maybe I just had bad “logo luck”;  like my instincts at picking a proper designer for me was about as good as my ability to pick the right man for me (now that’s a whole other topic!).  Each time I invested my hard earned money, I always hoped for the best…BUT… got boring,  plain logos that did not reflect the style I had asked for.  I felt that the so-called “designers” really didn’t care enough about my project to create something worthy of the money I had invested.  I was always disappointed and would resort to designing my own logo.  Not that my design skills were stellar or anything, but I always created something I liked better than what I had paid for.

In January of 2011, I was at the imaging USA in San Antonio and was talking to some girls at lunch.  As we passed our business cards around, the topic of  logos came up.  One of the girls mentioned that there are on-line designers who will bid on your project and you can post the amount you are willing to spend, then several designers will create something for you and you pick your favorite. Where have I been?? I had never heard of this.  Was this the answer I had been looking for?  I did some on-line research and decided to call

Logo Design Guru and you can imagine with my past experiences,  I was as skittish as a cat getting a bath!!