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Wedding Styles Through the Ages

Wedding styles though the ages – a look back.

I LOVE to watch PERIOD films. It’s fascinating to see how people lived, the clothes they wore, their traditions, their decorous speech and of course ROMANCE. I don’t think love has changed much, but they way people approach romance and courting has. A LOT!!

I thought it would be fun to look back at weddings specifically. Since I love both VINTAGE and FASHION, I thought a post about wedding styles through the ages would be an interesting post.

As I began to do my research on wedding styles through the ages, I found a great example of exactly what I wanted on Weddings by Lilly . I thought this was perfection and why mess with perfection!

wedding styles of late 1800's


Uptown Charlotte Fashion Session

Uptown Charlotte Fashion Session

Thankfully the day was a gorgeous 70 degrees for this uptown Charlotte fashion session! Not bad for early February. But the wind was horrendous. It was blowing our hair EVERYWHERE! We spent most of the day pulling hair out of our eyes and wiping our drippy noses.  I would wait for slight breaks in the gusts and then click a few shots. Or try to make the wind work to my advantage. I love the wind, so I thought it was kinda cool, well except for the watery eyes and drippy nose part.


At the beach -Outer Banks

Beach photos, Outer Banks - Inspiration & Design Photography_0464Well it was Sunday. Time to drive back to Charlotte from the Outer Banks.  We had just arrived  Friday evening ready to shoot a wedding the next day at the Elizabethan Gardens.  We enjoyed our morning sitting on the patio looking over the water as we ate our breakfast. We planned on eating lunch, stopping by the beach for a few minutes then heading back.  After all, we can’t drive all the way here and not see the beach, right?

We were both worn out from the trip and had a long drive back. It was nice to sit on the beach in the warmth of the sun and listen to the waves crash. It was very therapeutic. As I was sitting there I thought to myself, I wish I had the energy to take some pictures.  But then again it was around noon, so the sun was too harsh for good pictures.  We continued to sit and remark on how beautiful it was and talked about how much we wanted to come back and rent a beach house for a week.

Not far from us was a building with a pier. I guess the energy of the waves invigorated us, because we soon decided that I would take pictures of Dee. We headed back to the car and she changed into something more appropriate for beach photos and off we went. In less than an hour, I had snapped 355 images of her in and near the water!  She had fun playing model, until I had her further in the water and a large wave came crashing into her! She was soaked!  It didn’t feel like work. It was so much fun! Finally, wet & covered in sand, we forced ourselves to leave the beach; vowing we would be back and rent a beach house and bring our families!

Our last stop was at a waterside restaurant. As we ate our Crab burgers & totally yummy onion rings out on the deck, I tried to soak up the last few minutes of sparkling water & warm sunshine.  I thought about how much travel, fun, work and great memories we had packed into three short days.  I felt happy and a little sad at the same time. It made me realize how much I need and miss the beach.

So here is the super fun Dee Her, looking all glowy and fabulous in her beach session. Sometimes spontaneity can turn out pretty well, except when the photographer forgets to notice the hair tie on the models wrist (only for a few shots)and when wet shirts  no longer cover the bra…HAHA!


Preparing for your fashion/beauty Photo Session

Regardless of the type of session you are having done, clothing is an important part of your final result.  After preparing for my own fashion session recently, I  thought I would offer a few tips on preparing for YOUR fashion/beauty photo session.  Making your whole look come together includes: makeup, hair, clothing, jewelry & shoes (of course, my favorite part!).  This helps you to think through the whole look and see how it all looks together. I put each outfit together, photographed them with my iPhone and sent them to my photographer to give her a heads up on my “look” so she could formulate a plan on her end for backdrops, lighting, etc.. I put all the jewelry & accessories in one jewelry box to take with me and all the shoes in a big bag for easy carrying.   I will be offering tips on how to coordinate clothing for an engagement session (which is a little more tricky) in a future post. Inspiration & Design Photography_0041   (more…)

Pinterest Engagement Board

I thought it would be helpful to start a Pinterest Board to help clients with ideas on clothing, locations & props for engagement sessions.  Just click the pinterest stamp above and review my boards.  I must say PINTEREST is quite addicting but also quite helpful.  I’m in love!!



Some Shoe Love

For those of you who have been following me for any length of time, you know I have a love affair with shoes. But really, what woman doesn’t?? I keep my minor shoe addiction in check, but do love to add to my collection if I see a pair that make me squeal (quietly to myself of course). Well that’s what happened when I saw these Jessica Simpson shoes!!! They are uber spring, all blossomy and totally fun!!