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Mayra’s Graduation – UNC Charlotte

Graduation with honors!

Mayra Graduated from UNC Charlotte, early and with Honors! So not only is she smart, but as you can she, she’s totally GORGEOUS too!! She graduated in 3 years with 2 majors! Mayra wants to carry a gun and get the bad guys!! Can you imagine this little cutie packing a gun? She could probably stop the bad guys with just her good looks! You go girl! Make the world a safer and better place however you do it.

Luckily it was sunny the day we ventured onto the UNCC campus where she wanted her photos taken.  It was a freezing, goose bumpy, nose drippy day. And yet she looks flawlessly at ease.  We had quite an adventurous day that ended with her car deciding not to start. It was quite the spectacle as I tried to play mechanic, while this guy sat in his car and didn’t even offer to help. Geesh, whatever happen to helping damsels in distress??

I hadn’t been under the hood of my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee before and was surprised to discover (after calling the dealership) that the battery is located under the passenger seat…What?!  So after getting out my jumper cables and wrestling with hooking up both batteries, we discovered the problem wasn’t with the battery after all. So we decided to go have dinner and gab like girls do, while AAA towed her car home.

Thanks Mayra for being so sweet and fun and enduring the cold! I had a blast taking your photos. You look FABULOUS! Congratulations again!

Graduation Photos UNCC