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The Legend of the Candy Cane

I was surprised to open my door to a group of carolers last night, who were dressed in the style of early 1900’s clothing. I was delighted by their beautiful voices and the traditional music of the season. That was gift enough, but when they were done, I was handed
a candy cane attached to a card and that’s when I learned something about the candy cane that I never knew. This is the Legend of the Candy Cane.

The legend of the candy cane

The outside of the card read, “The greatest gift of all came one night in a lowly manger…”

The inside read, “According to the legend, there was a candy maker who wanted to invent a candy that was a witness to Christ. The result was the candy cane. First of all he used a hard candy, because Christ is the Rock of all ages. This hard candy was shaped so that it would resemble either a J for Jesus or a shepherd’s staff.


Wedding Do-over Contest Extended

Wedding do-over contest extended until February 29th!! Get your entries in!

I was really excited when I decided to run a Wedding Do-over Contest. I was thrilled about the idea of helping bridal couples that had ruined wedding photographs by offering my services free of charge to do a styled shoot for them.

I have heard so many horror stories over the years and continue to hear sad stories of couples who were heart broken over their awful wedding photos. Photos so bad they didn’t post even one on Facebook.  Photos that they paid for and a year later still don’t have. Photos that were taken but the photographer went out of business. Memories that were captured, but the card they were captured on, was lost or damaged. I’ve heard just about every scenario imaginable. I bet most of you reading this post knows of someone who has a wedding photo story, that doesn’t end well.

The editor of Every Last Detail even shared her story in hopes of helping future brides not make the same mistake. You can read her story HERE

wedding do-over contest extended

I thought I would receive numerous stories, but I did not. I even paid to promote this free offer, so more couples would hear and have the opportunity at a chance to redo their wedding photos. But with no valid entries, there can be no winners.

I know time can slip away and opportunities can be missed. But I don’t want that to be the end of the story. Therefore, I want to offer one more opportunity to you or someone you know, who could really use a do-over! Get the word out to the person(s) you know who need to hear about this contest.

See the original entry requirements HERE . Get your entries to me by midnight on February 29th email to Any winners will be announced March 5th.


14 Fun ideas for your Wedding Send-off

14 Fun ideas for your wedding send-off

I was talking with a bride the other day about ideas for her wedding send-off. It prompted me to write a quick post to give you some fun ideas for your wedding send-off.

We’ve all seen bubbles & sparklers quite a bit for the wedding exit. But I scoured the internet for a few more ideas with examples to help you think about how to make your wedding exit unique, memorable & totally you! OKAY I CHEATED. I’m writing this post at almost 11:30 at night and didn’t feel like searching through computer files trying to find samples of all the exits I’ve photographed.

I just wanted to blast out a fairly quick post so you wouldn’t think I was kidnapped by Aliens. Since it has been a little while since my last post. But soon you will find out why.

Anyway, back to the topic (ADD, wink). So if you’re still on the fence about what to do about your big departure, have a look at these samples and see if you find something you like or maybe one of these will spark a new idea in that creative mind of yours.

I’m offering my two-cents commentary, for what it’s worth.

Newer to the exit scene – FLUTTER FETTI!

So colorful, easy and pretty. You can even match your wedding colors. Love it!

Flutter fetti


Vendor Highlight – Overlook Barn Wedding Venue

Overlook Barn wedding venue now open in Banner Elk, North Carolina

Katie & David are the proud owners of Overlook Barn  wedding venue. The property is in Banner Elk, NC on top of Beech Mountain, which, at 5,506 feet above sea level is the highest town in Eastern America.

Overlook Barn wedding venueVenue Images by: Michelle Lyerly Photography

Barn weddings have been all the rage in the last few years and their popularity doesn’t seem to be fading. This venue features 4500 square feet of indoor event space can accommodate 250 people for a seated dinner or 300 for cocktail hour. Includes a catering prep area, built-in bar area, and stage for your DJ/band. It includes a styling room for the girls and a polishing room for the guys. As well as a fire pit area and gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains!


Thankful at Christmas

Thankful at Christmas.

I am thankful at Christmas for so many things.  Mostly for the gift of my savior Jesus Christ. I love this time of year when people are more inclined to express their love and thankfulness for one another.

I want to take this season to say that,  I am deeply thankful for every bride and groom who  have put their trust in me to capture & preserve forever their cherished wedding memories.

Francois Mauriac says, “No love, no friendship, can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.”

I want each bridal couple to know that they have left a special mark on my life forever. Thank you for allowing me the honor & privilege of sharing all the love you expressed for each other, family and dear friends. Thank you for sharing your tears, your laughter and your joy.

I walk away forever changed by the best parts of each of you. My hope is that our brief time spent together & the wedding images that resulted, was me sharing my best parts with you.

My work has been a wonderful blessing to my life and I thank God for appointing me to this great story telling mission.

Merry Christmas!

Thankful at Christmas



Saving money, saving lives.

Saving money and saving lives, were both easier than I thought.

I remember when I was a child, whenever I would get money for my birthday or Christmas, my mom would always tell me that I should save some. Save, Smave! I was not thinking about my financial security at the age of twelve. I was thinking of all the things I wanted to buy! And any money I got would burn a hole in my pocket until it was gone!

How different my childhood was from these children below. water for life

Many years ago,  I worked for a financial planner. He also encouraged me to save (on more than one occasion).  I made an attempt and started a money market account that was earning some decent returns. But…something came up as usual and I liquidated my account. However, in my defense, I was a single mom raising two boys. So money was not flowing like milk and honey in the promised land!


New Blog Design is Under Construction!

Hello readers! You’ve probably noticed that things look a little different around here. Welcome to the beginnings of my new blog design! Although my old blog design was very pretty and unique, I decided to update the blog design to more closely match my new website design HERE for a more cohesive look. I also wanted to have a blog with the latest technology that could be easily viewed on mobile devices.

I am currently working on the design layout and functionality

Please check back soon for a tour of the completed design! Thank you for your patience.

A blast from the past – and not so trendy trends

My blast from the past is an Indian Wedding from 2007.

Indian Wedding

I got an inquiry for an Indian wedding, which prompted me to go digging in the archives to find some samples. I never forget a client and  these two are no different. This is Sukhpriet & Abhishek. I photographed their wedding June 21, 2007. I didn’t blog back then. In fact, a lot has changed since then. Cameras have improved immensely and so has my editing skills! I didn’t shoot in RAW or use Lightroom back then. So needless to say,  these images needed a re-edited. All better.

It’s always interesting to look at your old work and see how much you have changed &  improved with time. Photographic styles change too. Back then the trendy thing that had started was to shoot your images with the camera really angled. I guess we thought it was cool at the time, but it was so annoying to look at almost 8 years later.  Thankfully I didn’t over-do it and I was able to re-crop and straighten some of my slanted vertical lines.

Many years ago when I studied photography, I was taught the traditional rules of composition and lighting that have stood the test of time and I shot that way for many years. I remember when the angled look became popular, it really bothered me. The composition was wacky, but what do you do? Clients usually want what’s popular. So you go with it. Thankfully we are past that trend!

And of course who can forget the “tinted or selective color” look. You’ve all seen it, a black and white image with something left in color.  Very cool at the time, it has passed and now when I see someone still using that technique, it’s like looking at old pictures in the photo album wearing clothes that well…you get the picture. It’s uncomfortable.  As a side note, that’s what I’m afraid will happen in a few years with this whole faded, flat, vintage look. I admire the look. I’m a huge fan of vintage. But I tend to keep most of my edits clean and timeless, so I won’t look back at them later and cringe.


Merry Christmas!

 Wishing you all a Merry Christmas filled with love, laughter and treasured memories with family & friends!


If you had to pick ONE WORD to characterize Christmas, what would it be? For me it’s LOVE. It’s the time of year we focus more on loving others. It’s when we are reminded of God’s love for us.

This year especially I am so thankful for the love of God, family and friends. Because LOVE is truly the best gift we could ever give or receive. I pray that I continue to learn to love others better than the previous year. Because in the end, will I care how successful I was? Or how much “stuff” I accumulated? Or how popular I was on social media? I THINK NOT. Because the true meaning of life  – is to love God and love others.

Love is an action. Kindness, respect, generosity, forgiveness, putting others before ourselves…


Carolina Paranormal Girls

Have you ever experience anything paranormal?

Have you ever lived in a haunted house? I have. In fact, several. Two of the houses people had died in. One of them two people had died in.  It’s quite unnerving. I’ve never experienced anything super scary or menacing, but it was still creepy none the less.  And I am not alone. There are tons of ordinary people, as well as celebrities, sharing their own stories through the many paranormal programs now being aired on cable.

It just so happens that this three girl team: Alison, Heather & Ashley, all had their own paranormal experiences growing up. This has lead to a path in paranormal investigation for these ladies. They  are also publishing a book about their experiences & investigations.

From left to right, Heather, Alison & Ashley

Carolina Paranormal Girls


Although they are just getting started, they are rapidly gaining recognition & popularity in their field and will be featured as guest speakers on Paranormal King Radio and interviewed by Kathryn Hobson on her show called “Paranormal Experienced”. This hour long interview will be February 4th at 8 pm. If you miss it, the audio link will be posted on their Facebook and website.  They currently don’t charge for their services and just want to help people, so if you need help with any pesky entities, you can reach them at  Carolina Paranormal Girls or on their face book page  HERE .

Alison says, ” I am becoming a very spiritual person. I love God and his children, and I want to devote my life to Him. In fact, just this year I became an ordained minister to help me minister to All the people of the world. As a child I experienced several traumas of the paranormal kind. Yes it was scary! No, I never want to have those particular experiences again. I do however want to learn from them, and help others, who are currently having problems with paranormal entities, find a way back into the light and away from fear.” (more…)