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Review of my new Sunpak 30 Video Lights


I’m not sure how many of you are using video lights, but I just recently purchased two SUNPAK 30 video lights and I LOVE them!! They are so versatile  and very controllable, which I find flash always isn’t, unless you are a flash guru extraordinaire.  Frankly I get frustrated with flash so I usually try something slightly different  at almost every wedding, looking for the “perfect” light set up for receptions.   If you view the wedding just below this post entitled – Kathryn & Aaron the Ten Year Love Story; I used these two video lights exclusively throughout the entire event in many different situations. I wanted to see what they could do.


  • On-Camera Light for Camcorder or DSLR
  • 30 High-Powered LEDs
  • Dimmer Control Knob
  • 6500K Daylight
  • Soft Diffuser Reduces Glare
  • 4300K Filter for Natural Skin Tones
  • Weighs Just 6 oz

This is what I thought.