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Wedding Album or a just a Disk?

What happen to wedding albums? Back in the days of film photography I would take lots of family photos and send them out for quick printing at the local lab.  I would excitedly pick them up and happily put them in my peel and stick albums. I have dozen of albums of precious memories going back many years.  The family can easily go pull one out at any moment and flip through the pages and enjoy reliving all the captured moments of our lives.  That is until I went fully digital in 2003.  Since then I’m ashamed to say that  sadly our family memories are still scattered on different external hard drives, backed up on dvds, and generally not easily accessible to enjoy.  It’s been many years and I still have every intention of  “someday”  designing an album with the story of our lives –  post digital age. Wish me luck with that.

This got me thinking about my client’s wedding memories. In the not so distant past, every bride and groom purchased a wedding album. I remember the joy and satisfaction of delivering the wedding album to my bridal couples and hearing them ooh and aah and getting to see their happiness as they turned each page. Or if I had to ship their album, I was sure to get a phone call, e-mail and/or card expressing their excitement and gratitude once they received it. Even though my clients get to view the album design before it’s printed, they are blown away by the final product.  I am so thrilled when I hear that the wedding album is their favorite possession and how much it means to them.


“We just received the album yesterday and we LOVE it!!!!!! I gasped every time I turned the page, haha! It totally blew me away… It’s beautiful and perfect!!!! You were right, I was so surprised at how big it was, I love it!! I had no idea it was going to be like this… I’ve never seen anything like it! The word “album” doesn’t give it justice, haha! Thank you again so much for all of your hard work, you truly have a gift !

Love, Kristin and Trevor”

Due to the down turned economy and tighter bridal budgets, many clients choose to only purchase the disk of wedding images; it’s the new “norm”. But are they thinking ahead to what they might do with their disk of images? Are they going to  keep them on their computer and look at them that way? Are they going to have a few prints made to display around the house? Or do they have plans to create a scrap book or some inexpensive on-line album themselves? If so, I wonder how many actually get around to it.