Random Facts about Me

49 Things I Like and 46 Things that I don’t

1. Shoes, shoes and more shoes (it’s a girl thing)! Carlos Santana & Nine West, Guess & Jessica Simpsons are a few of my favorites.

2. Laughing & being totally goofy with my kids.

3. Knowing that I am improving as a person 🙂

4. Sexy cars, fast cars, beautiful cars!

5. How I feel after a rigorous work out (except for the sweaty part)

6. Leatherby’s ice cream & really good salsa (but not together).

7. Receiving an unexpected card in the mail.

8. Meeting new people

9. Making people laugh

10. Charitable giving (it warms the heart)

11. The smell of pine trees.

12. Sweets, desserts, …did I say sweets?

13. Funny people, especially if they do accents well.

14. A good nights sleep!

15. Getting a pedicure

16. Learning new things

17. Mexican food, YUM!!! I could eat it almost everyday!23034698

18. A job well done!

19. Watching a really good movie

20. Laying on a floaty in my pool, letting the sun warm my skin, now that’s heaven!

21. Puppy breath

22. kissing babies necks

23. A baby belly laugh, it contagious!

24. The way my Pomeranian “Little Bear” worships me (it’s mutual).

25. Forensic science, it’s fascinating to see how they capture criminals with it.

26. Vacuuming (I know it’s weird, but it’s better than cleaning toilets!)9001146

27. Old and very ornate architecture, antiques, chandeliers, vintage anything… I love things with a history.

28. Trying new restaurants

29. Cottage style/Shabby Chic

30. Riding horses

31. A breeze blowing on my face and through my hair, especially on a warm summer evening.

32. Good hair days!!!!!!

33. Owning my own business and getting to do something that I love, that also brings joy to others!!

34. An adventure

35. Reading a good book

36. My flat iron!!!!

37. Walking in sand with bare feet

38.  I like crunchy food

39. The sound of rain on the roof when you’re cozy in bed

40.  Playing in the snow

41.  Hearing a song that instantly takes you back to a wonderful memory

42. Making up silly fun words that don’t exist


43. Flavored coffees with yummy creamer, my new favorite is pumpkin coffee, but they won’t offer it again until next fall 🙁

44. The beautiful views from every window of my house

45. All kinds of music (except rap)!

46. That adorable baby they use for the e-trade commercials, he’s even cute when he throws up!

47. My CHURCH! And all the wonderful people in it!

48. Nature. I love being outdoors; camping, hiking, swimming, boating, you name it!

49. I love playing card games or board games with a group of people.

 Things that I don’t like!

1.  When I laugh and I cackle or snort.

2.  Stepping in dog poo or cat vomit (especially in bare feet)

3.  Cantaloupe! Disgusting!

4.  Being tail gated

5. Bad manners and rudeness

6. Forgetting peoples names

7. Snakes or creepy bugs (especially the potato bug, or the tomato worm)

8. Heights

9. Rushing or running late

10. Being sick 🙁

11. Outsourcing American jobs to other countries that don’t speak our language very well.

12. People who sing really bad, but sing really loud!

13. People who lie, not good!

14. Flying (I’m not a white knuckle fly-er, but very uncomfortable until I land)

15. Getting my high heals stuck in between wood slats

16. Laziness

17. Poor customer service

18. Buying expired food (why don’t they take it off the shelves when it expires!)

19. Trying to keep up with the pace of technology, it’s like being on the treadmill in the Jetson’s cartoon “Jane stop this crazy thing!!!!”


20. Mean people

21. being cold

22. Cheesy commercials

23. Injustice

24.  Having to pump my own gas, sooo stinky!


25.  That there’s so much suffering in the world

26.  When people borrow stuff & don’t return it or put it back in the same spot

27.  Feeling like there’s never enough hours in the day

28. Bad hair cuts

29. Dust!

30. Parasites, including the human kind!

31. Dead beat dads!

32. Wimpy or sweaty handshakes

33. That thick plastic packaging that is almost impossible to open without the jaws of life

33. When people smack their lips while eating

34. Too much stinky cheap perfume!


35. People who talk really load on their cell phones in public especially about something personal

36. When people stand too close when they talk to you, especially if they have bad breath

37. Humidity and what it does to my hair!

38. Double dippers at parties, gross!

39. Contemporary or Asian decor

40. Carnival rides (they make me sick)


41. Buying fast food only to get home & realize they didn’t put your whole order in the bag! Infuriating!

42. RAIN & GLOOM!  I hate it!!!!

43. Uncomfortable clothes

44. When people interrupt you while you’re talking or talk really loud over you while your talking, so you give up.

45. When you’re walking on the street or somewhere in public & you trip over something. So embarrassing!

46.  When your cell phone goes off really loud, somewhere inappropriate, like our recent trip to a museum where cell phone use was not allowed..OOPS!